Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/26-12/31/2014 Last Week of the Year

(Arizona City, AZ)

On the 26th we were still waiting for packages to be delivered to Kentucky.  One was delivered which leaves one still out there.  It’s the one that the tracking left off at leaving Casa Grande, AZ.  Who knows where it is!

We had a package delivered for us today.  Timmy and Shannon sent us Tastykakes!  We love Tastykakes and can’t get them out here.  They also sent gift cards for Olive Garden.  Jonathan and Brandi sent us a gift card for Cracker Barrel.  We like both places very much.  This is really the best thing we could have been gifted because we have enough clothes and anything else if we want or need it we go get it.

Timmy says to limit ourselves to one a day.  Yeah, like that’s gonna happen!

We didn’t do a whole lot this week.  It was a resting week for me and since it was a little chilly and windy Bob played a lot of golf on the computer.

On Saturday the errant package showed up in Kentucky.  I’m so glad it got there today because that one held Jonathan’s birthday gifts and it was his birthday.  Thirty nine years old!  I remember 39.  Vaguely.

I did go shopping on the 26th.  I either got there (Kohls) way late or there just wasn’t much left to begin with.  I did score on my wrapping paper for next year.  I was really hoping to snag some decorations for the park model for next Christmas.  I was lucky enough to get one thing and I made quite a buy.  This was originally marked at $44.99 and I got it for less than $15.00.  Oh I was very happy with this!  And its pretty!  It changes from blue to red to green to white.


Bob and I have decided not to go to the New Year’s Eve party again this year.  Its just so crowded in the Carnaval Room.  They put in as many tables and chairs as they can,,,and they should,,,but its just too crowded.

We’re getting ready for the influx of RV’s that will be hitting the gates soon.  Right after the 1st the second wave should come in.  The snowbirds will arrive and the area population will swell once again.'s been a good year.

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