Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3/10/2009 Girlfriend Time!

Wow, did I ever need today! I took off at noon and met up with LaVon. Many of you will recognize her name but for you newbies, I'll explain who she is. LaVon, is a good friend from last year in Quail Run. We were next door neighbors and didn't lose touch all through the summer. Granted, we did a lot of message leaving in voicemail but we at least knew the other was thinking about her. Her and hubby, Don, are back here in Arizona but not this park, they are staying about 10 miles away. We've seen each for short amount of times since they've been here but nothing really to speak of with the exception when the four of us spent the day together. That changed today.

We met at the local mall called the Promenade about 10 miles away for each of us. We both arrived in our big trucks within two minutes of each other. I was parked first so she pulled in the space next to me. We jumped out and met in the middle with a hug that only good girl friends can share. That hug that says, I really needed this time away from normal life, the hug that says, I need to talk and I know you'll listen, the hug that says, I'll keep quiet when you have that faraway look on your face because I know you're dealing with something and looking for the words so you can share it with me. I needed this girlfriend time so badly and I'm pretty sure LaVon did too.

So we started at Penney's. Our quest today was to find new summer clothes. We both agreed that the buyers for this store had to be on drugs because they had some pretty ugly clothes on the racks. We walked out empty handed.

We walked from store to store and then stopped for lunch at Mimi's Garden Cafe. I just love this place! Our lunch was soooo good. I ordered a turkey, cranberry, walnut concoction on a croissant and believe me, it was to die for! Best of all was our time we had to really look each other in the eye and talk. We shared fun times, and sad times, we each just "let it all out" as we all have to do sometimes.

Back to the stores. We couldn't find anything we liked. If we did, they didn't have it in our size or a color that "worked" for us. I am so not a shopper! I never was, I guess I never will be.

The one place I did buy something was Best Buy. I got a new 8 GB disk for my camera. The 4 GB disk was $39.99 and the 8 GB was on sale for the same price. Seemed like a no-brainer to me! LaVon got a movie for her daughter and that was the extent of our buying.

To be honest, I don't think the shopping was primary reason for getting together, we each needed girl friend time. You can bet we'll do this again before we pull out of the Arizona desert.

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