Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3/24/2009 What a Busy Day!

I started the day with the last line dancing session of the year. It was fun, it was sad and its over for another six months. As always, Sandy had us laughing but I have to be honest, at the end of the class there was a tear in my eye. I just hate to see it ending.

We finished up the last of the office stuff that had to be done so I'm now a free woman! I do have one more task to complete which I'll get done tomorrow. I've got about sixty cans of pineapple juice that have to be returned.

This afternoon I started cleaning out stuff. I got the desk all cleared of junk and put things away. Its still piled high with stuff but its stuff that has to go the park model and books that will go to the library.

In the meantime, Bob took down the screen room. Our place looks naked now.

Late this afternoon we attended a farewell party for Omond and Mary who sold their park model this year. About 90 of us gathered at their place and listened to the Quail Run Band play and sing.


Omond and Mary had 20 pizzas delivered and we sat and ate and talked and laughed. Look how tan everyone is.



Some close ups of the Quail Run Band members. Its not really the name of this group, I don't even think they have one but I have to call them something. A lot of people call them the boys or the guys but they forget Pat is part of the group. She doesn't sing or even say that much whereas the guys are very vocal either with singing or talking.


I could listen to Arlee sing all day long!


Don keeps everyone laughing with his songs when he sings. He sang one that he wrote in answer to Wilf's song about him. He loves to play his harmonicas.


Bill is another one I could listen to all day long. He's written several songs now and each one is better than the last. There's an agent or a music publisher or somebody like that in Canada that has one of his songs now, we're all hoping it gets recorded.


Our friend, Al, plays the tambourine for the group.


Rounding out the group is Wilf.


Omond and Mary took center stage for a few minutes to thank everyone for coming and to tell us how much they had enjoyed the last 10 years here.


Our friends, Lyle and Kathy are buying their place so I snapped a picture of the outgoing and the incoming.


The party broke up a little after six when it started to cool down as the sun was setting. My friend and neighbor, Kathy and I went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner and to do a little shopping. Yes, we each had a piece of pizza earlier but it wasn't hardly enough for dinner.

Speaking of eating, readers, I heard of a really strange sandwich today that my friend Kathy eats. She used to eat these a lot as a kid but did say that it has been a year since she's had one. Now when I tell you what kind of sandwich it is, and YOU have actually made and eaten one of these, I want to hear from you! Ok, here it is, have you ever eaten a, I can't believe I'm even typing this, a radish sandwich? Yes, a radish sandwich. I have never, ever heard of this before and can't even imagine putting radishes between two slices of bread. With mayo no less! There it is, have YOU had one, if so please leave a comment. Note to Kathy: Sorry girlfriend, but I told you it was blog material!

Its been a busy day for us, but a fun one.

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Peggy & Bill said...

I just heard about the "radish sandwich" last night while playing cards!! Never heard of it either. Are they from IOWa? Must not be something us on the East Coast eat!