Friday, March 20, 2009

3/20/2009 Junk Pile That Pumpkin!

Today the holiday decoration clean out begins. George, one of the few remaining activity team members here, and I, along with another George in the park went to the Conex building today. The Conex is a tractor trailer type building, the trailer part of it anyway. It is used for storage of all kinds of things. Activities decorations, maintenance parts, office stuff, you name it, its in there.

Today we took anything having to do with a holiday out and loaded it onto the trailer George pulls behind his truck for trash and debris from the park. It was really loaded! So loaded in fact that Activities George and I walked behind in case anything fell off. George pulled up next to the Carnaval Room and we off loaded the trailer via the window on the side of the building.

When we are done with this task everything will be neatly put away in one of the 13 new Rubbermaid tubs I bought last week or one of the smaller ones we already have if we don't have that much for the holiday to begin with.

The next task was to get it all separated onto tables by holiday. That didn't take too long at all because everything was well marked.

Since we had the fewest decorations for St. Patrick's Day, we started there. Every single thing was looked at and a determination of whether it had seen better days was made right then and there. We were ruthless in our determinations too! If wasn't pristine or at least near pristine, it was GONE!

We had no trouble getting through St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve and Valentines Day. What was packed in three or four tubs or cardboard boxes was now neatly packed in ONE or TWO tubs at most. The luau decorations took a bit more but then we have a lot of those!

Monday we'll tackle Christmas. We have boxes and boxes and tubs and tubs of stuff for Christmas, stuff I hadn't seen before, this year or last. We'll be getting rid of a bunch stuff here too, I'm sure. I know a lot of those things have seen better days.

Jeannie came in to check our progress periodically and she seemed tickled pink that everything was being checked over and cleaned out. There just comes a time.

When our workday was done at three I ran down to the park model to put a turkey in the oven for dinner. (OH WOW! I got to cook with a REAL oven!) I bought this at Christmastime and knew I couldn't fit it in our rig freezer so it had to be cooked! YUMMY!,,,turkey sandwiches are in our future!

Using one of those cooking bags it only took 2.5 hours for this eleven pound bird to cook. I went to get it with the truck of course and put it on the bed of the truck for transporting home. I passed a couple of dogs on the way and they started barking so it must have smelled good to them. I know it did to me!

I made mashed potatoes, gravy,brussel sprouts and opened a can of cranberry sauce and along with the turkey, that was our dinner tonight. Bob didn't get to eat until way later because the young fellow who bought the truck called and said he was on his way. Unfortunately, he didn't say and Bob didn't ask where he was when he made the call at 4:30. I hadn't eaten anything today and when everything was ready, I sat down to eat. The guy finally showed up around seven! He was here for an hour by the time Bob got done showing him every and nook and crannie on the truck. Between you and me, I think Bob just hated to see the truck being driven away so he prolonged it as long as he could. I think the guy had had enough when Bob started to show him how the doors handles worked! No, I'm only kidding, he wasn't that bad!

So the F-350 is gone. What a great truck it was! I hope they take care of it as well as Bob did. If they do, it will serve them for many years to come!

Bob finally had dinner at 8:30.

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