Thursday, January 26, 2012

1/26/12 Meds–1Liquid, 1Powder, 2Pills & 2 SHOTS!

MucinexDM – EXTRA STRENGTH, I’m sure you are one very effective OTC medicine for a normal cold but I don’t think you are a match for the Texas Crud. You guessed it another sleepless night. It wasn’t as bad for Bob this time because I sat up a good portion of the night sucking on butterscotch hard candies. That seemed to keep the coughing at bay. However, I just had to catnap every once in awhile because I was just worn out.

We’re on our work schedule right now, day two. Oh I didn’t feel like I had the strength to do anything and I had the chills so I pulled out sweats and my heavy winter jacket to wear. I can imagine what we looked like riding around in the golf cart, me dressed for the dead of winter at the Artic Circle and Bob in his shorts and T-shirt.

Anyway, we were at the park across the street and Bob was clearing the shuffle board courts of the few remaining straggling leaves and I was tidying up around the fountain/sitting area. It was here that it hit me just how bad this Texas Crud is. I just started crying. I didn’t have strength to even pick the rake up and one of the winter residents walked over taking note of my tears. She went to get Bob. Bob rolled up the cord to the leaf blower, came over to me and said, “Snookie, we’re going to the hospital.” I readily agreed because breathing was getting to be a real chore.

I had gotten the address from the office for the Urgent Care clinic close by and off we went.

They had to determine if they accepted our Tricare insurance and after a few phone calls it was determined that yes they do. That was good new to these ears as our next option was to go to McAllen to the hospital and I just didn’t want to go there.

After about a half hour wait I was called back for the Doctor. Doctor Cirillo is young, nice and seems genuinely concerned for the person sitting across from him. After the usual first Doctor/Patient round of questions we got down to business.

I don’t have pneumonia yet. I’m right on the line. Right now my diagnosis is acute bronchitis. Dr. C. explained that it can cross that line and go into pneumonia very quickly and that we would treat this aggressively. He told me that he would write me three prescriptions and that he had three medicines here in the office. ALRIGHTY THEN! Let’s get this show on the road.

He first handed me a sample of an Advair inhaler to help me breathe easier if I felt I needed it. He then handed me a prescription for a cough suppressant. I wasn’t too happy about this one as I saw the word expectorant and I didn’t see the words cherry flavored anywhere. The next prescription was for Prednisone. Oh no! Days of food tasting like cardboard were ahead of me. The third prescription was for an antibiotic. I held my hand out for the next in office meds but none were forthcoming. This is where he dropped the bomb on me.

Dr C: “The last two medications I have for you will administered by injection.”

Me: “WHAT?????”

Dr. C: “Yes, injections, either in your arm or your buttock, you can make the choice.”

Me: “I don’t do needles.”

Dr. C: “Oh ok, then how about when I make my hospital rounds in a few days I stop in to see you? How will that work for you?” (This man has watched himself some Dr Phil!)

Me: “Isn’t there a pill form?”

Dr. C: “Yes.”

Me: <<<< Perking up and grinning from ear to ear upon hearing this news, yeah, go pills!

Dr. C: “But, we have to treat this aggressively, remember? This is the way to do that.”

Me: “Damn Texas Crud!”

Dr. C: “It’s your choice, what’s it gonna be?”

Me: “Do you have little needles?”

Dr.C: spreading fingers about an inch “There not bad.”

Me: ::sweat-soaked:: “OK, I’ll do it.”

Dr. C: “I’ll send my assistant in”.

This young fellow, probably mid 20’s comes in to meet me and talk about the procedure. I started to talk about my intense fear and he held his hand up and said that Dr. C had informed him and that he was there to let me know he has a gentle hand and that it will be over before I know it. Oh where have I heard that before????

My right buttock was the first target area. Oh. Em. Gee! He was right, he had a gentle hand. I felt it to be sure but the serum be injected had to be as thick as molasses! It hurt! When he was done I rubbed the area and it felt like a large marble had been slipped under my skin. He suggested I keep rubbing it as it would help disperse the serum and it would get into my system faster.

Then Mr. CNA cheerfully announced he was ready for the other side whenever I was. I should have never asked if the serum was as thick as the first. That was a mistake because when he said he wasn’t going to lie to me, that it was, then I knew what was coming!

You know, its very hard to say, “Ok, I’m ready” when you know something very unpleasant is about to happen to you.

I suffered through it. It hurt like hell too!

Finally done I went out to the truck and we headed toward the pharmacy. Prescription medication in hand, we headed home.

I’ve got a complicated time regiment in front of me to remember when I have to take these pills and take the expectorant. One with food, one without, one is two in the morning, one after lunch and two after and dinner and one before bed and the cough suppressant is three times in a day in six hour intervals. I am so not a pill taker!

So I took the cough medicine for the first time. This is some nasty, nasty stuff! Vile! It makes me feel very strange. I do things but I’m not really aware I’m doing them. For instance, typing, I can see the words appearing on the screen but I cannot relate that my hands are touching the keys. I can’t feel it. The label said, “Drowsiness may occur,” I was sound asleep a half hour after taking it. I hope that happened this time (I just took it) just because I’m so sleep deprived. I have to take this vile, nasty stuff for the next 10 days. And it had better work during the night time hours.

So there it is, the latest update on the Texas Crud.

When we returned this morning Bob went back out and got his hours in. The dog pen was in much need of lawn mowing and I think he did a sweep around both parks for trash, fruit and fallen limbs.

It’s been quite a day and the cough medicine is starting to kick in. I’m ready to sleep.


Donna K said...

Oh you poor thing. I sure hope all that medication kicks in and chases all the bad stuff away. Take care and follow the doctor's orders.

smdrm said...

Take advantage of your meds and get the rest your body needs. Hope you feel better fast. Sorry you had to get the shots. Bronchitis is never fun, and with my last bout, I, too, ended up on steroids. That did the trick!

Selene, NC

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally went for help. Hope you feel better very soon and get back to fun and sun. maw