Monday, January 30, 2012

1/29-1/30/2012 Sleeping in 12 Hour Shifts

The past two days, we slept. A lot. Sunday night we were both in bed by eight o’clock and sound asleep by eight thirty. And we got up at eight thirty Monday morning. Twelve hours of sleeping. This Texas Crud drains you of everything you have. There is no energy for anything other than walking to the kitchen, bathroom, to the computer desks and back to the bedroom. (In a 37 foot 5th wheel that really isn’t a whole of steps to begin with) The cough isn’t as bad now and the achy feelings are gone its just this incredible lack of energy that’s left now.

Monday was a repeat of Sunday. This has to pass soon, we just can’t deal with this anymore. It’s over two and half weeks for Bob now, and nearly two weeks for me. Enough already!

On a happy note we get to welcome Michael and Dee to our Frequent Reader family. We hope you enjoy the journey!

Better days are coming. I hope.

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Lori said...

just catching up. I didn't see Tonie wearing a curtain. For that nagging tickle of a cough--a spoonful of honey. no water. just straight honey. Yeah--I know--one of those home remedy things. But it does help!