Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/25/2012 No Sleep for the Weary

We didn’t get any sleep last night. I was up hacking all night long. I had gone to the store earlier in the day and bought the OTC med the pharmacist highly recommended as did Frequent Reader Selene from North Carolina. MucinexDM – MAXIMUM STRENGTH

Actually, I had some Mucinex in the house already but not the MAXIMUM STRENGTH. I took one the night before but it didn’t help much all. Upon closer inspection I did take notice that it expired this past August.

I decided on putting off taking this new Mucinex until about an hour before bedtime because when I’m in an upright position I don’t cough as much and I really needed it to work during the sleeping hours.

Since it was going to be an early night because of our lack of sleep the night before I finally took the pill around 8:30.

I popped one out of the blister pack and the first thought through my mind was HORSE PILL! How am I ever going to get this down?

(Not actual size, may be exaggerated slightly, but not by much!)IMG_0361

Did you ever go to take a pill and for whatever reason it didn’t go down and now you have this wet pill sitting on your tongue and you have try again? Yep, that happened to me with this one. It has a nasty tasting coating on it. I just shivered all over again typing that. I hope it works!

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smdrm said...

I hope you've had some rest and that the Mucinex helped. I suffer from bronchitis after almost every cold I get, so I can sympathize with what you're going through.
Get well soon!!!