Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/17/2012 Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

welcome blue 1 clip artThis post is about nothing else other than welcoming some new readers. Some I know their names and others only where they live.

welcome blue 2 clip artWelcome to Toni & Eddie, we met this couple several years ago in Quail Run and then again here in Texas. Toni has become a frequent reader although I don’t now why because she’s living it with me. Regardless, welcome Toni & Eddie and we look forward to you being part of future blog posts.

welcome green 2 clip artJackie has joined in as a Frequent Reader but I don’t know anything about her. Welcome anyway Jackie, we hope you enjoy the ride.

welcome red 1 clip artViola Cook was here in this park for a short while but has since moved on. Welcome Vi, I hope our paths cross again with you and Craig.

welcome green 1 clip artRick and Kathy also signed on as Frequent Readers. If you are RV’ers let us know and perhaps our paths will cross. Welcome, enjoy the journey.

welcome red 2Welcome Russ K! Russ is a fellow RV’er and a fellow blogger. You can find his blog at Therapy Travels. Welcome my new friend and we’ll have to see about making our paths cross. Would love to meet you and your wife.

Now we have some frequent readers that I don’t know their names as yet but they sure have been reading a lot. I can tell from my Feedjit widget that they have started reading the blog from the beginning. I love when new readers do this because I’ll click on the page that they are reading and sometimes I come across things I had forgotten we’d done, or seen, or places we visited. These posts are always fun to re-read.

welcome blue 1 clip artSo new readers from Palm Coast, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia and Apopka, Florida,,,, we welcome you! Enjoy the trip and feel free to leave comments if you want.

Welcome one and all!


Russ Krecklow said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Snookie. We'll continue to enjoy your blog posting, and hope to meet you on the road some day.

Jackie said...

Thank you for the welcome! I know---I need to post more about myself. Will do that soon. Love your blog!