Saturday, January 7, 2012

1/6-1/7/2012 Frost!

When I came downstairs(it may only be two steps but it IS downstairs) for the first time today Bob told me to look outside at the park model next door. I opened the door and looked and yep, it was still there. Bob said that I should be looking at the roof and not just the side of the house. Looking up I was quite surprised to see a wide strip of white stuff on the brown shingles.


It got cold enough in the valley last night for frost. We’re hoping this is the last time because this certainly isn’t something we signed up for. We want no parts of cold. Of course by noon we were in shorts and T’s and chairs around the pool were all spoken for.

On Saturday Bob had a relapse after feeling pretty good for the last two days. We were supposed to the Weslaco flea market with Toni and Eddie but he opted to stay home. I had been hearing so much about this place I went anyway.

We saw lots of pottery.



We saw lots of T-shirts and jewelry and games and shades for RV’s. Lots of pretty embroidered blouses and leather goods and old records. Plenty of used small household appliances and shelf after shelf of old Corning Ware pieces. Hundreds of containers of the best ever RV wax. We even saw a complete 3 foot tall suit of armor. Who woulda guessed?

We totally spoiled dogs.


And some rather strange looking humans.


Toni stopped to look at some old license plates because she makes things out of them. I snapped a picture but not because I was taking a picture of my friend. Look at the license plate that was standing up in the box. It grabbed my attention right away as I can spot a Delaware license plate a mile away.


It was nice to get out and about this afternoon. I walked from the flea market only buying a dice game and a score pad to go with it.

When we got home Bob wasn’t feeling any better. It seems everyone who gets this rallies then is back down again two days later. Of course I’m the one being blamed for everyone getting sick. Word is going around the park that I’m the carrier and giving it to everyone because I’m not getting it.

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