Monday, January 16, 2012

1/13-1/16/2011 A Little of This and a Lot of That

Four days off and we’re laying low because while Bob is now feeling almost one hundred percent, we’re finding that you can feel good for a day or two and then SMACK (!) you’re right back down. This is happening all over the park with so many people. It seems that rest is very important to beating this. While I’m glad he’s taking this stance for health reasons it really puts a damper on what you do and where you go.

To pass the day Bob inventoried our movies. Listed them by DVD and Blue Rays. I’m not aware of it if he further organized them by genre, mystery, sci-fi, drama or comedy or if he even listed them alphabetically. I so would do that!

It seemed like a good idea he had and I gave thought to organizing our music CD’s. The question was how to organize them? By decade? 60’s & 70’s? By type? Easy listening, pan flute, classic rock? How about by category? I could make one FOOD and list Meatloaf, Bread and The Cranberries! Or how about TRANSPORTATION? That would cover B-52’s, The Cars and Jefferson Airplane. CITIES? Chicago, Boston and Bay City Rollers! CONSTRUCTION??? 9-inch nails, the Doors and the Carpenters! The possibilities are endless! What can you think of? Leave me a message with a category/bands you come up with.

I have been craving egg salad sandwiches. I had plenty of eggs in the house since I bought a dozen and had forgotten that I had just bought a dozen a few days prior, I learned a lesson while making this egg salad. Never, ever make something you’ve been craving when you are hungry. Never. Bob doesn’t eat anything with mayonnaise so this I would be the only one eating it. I have no idea what I was thinking by using seven eggs. That’s a lot of sandwiches. So I get them hardboiled and get them into cold water at the proper time and let them cool. Sometimes I can peel that egg in very few large pieces. Such as these five here. (You know, only a blogger would set the stage for peeled hard boiled eggs and take a picture of them)


Remember, I hard boiled seven. I don’t know what happened to these last two. They came from the same carton, were the same size as the others, cooked for the same length of time but I’m here to tell you getting those shells off was like peeling the eggs from hell!


I was so glad I wasn’t making deviled eggs for a get together. Little teeny tiny white pieces of shell. Everywhere. Stuck to my wet fingers, stuck to the egg, in my sink and on my counter. It almost made me lose my appetite. Almost. I had two egg salad sandwiches for dinner that night, breakfast the next day, again at lunch and breakfast and lunch on the third day. Six egg salad sandwiches in a three day period, I’ve had my fill for awhile.

The Winter Texans are getting geared up for the fruit festival that is right around the corner, around the corner time wise that is, as in at the end of this month. From everything I’ve heard this is some big doings here in the Valley. I hope so, I need something to get excited about.

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