Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31/2012 We Wear Curtains Here in Texas!

We feel good! Both of us! Up and at em’ this morning like nobody’s business. Good thing too because today is laundry day.

I gathered everything up and went to the laundry room to take care of the washing and drying and while there I heard this laughter. Lots of laughter. Bunky had stopped by when she saw me in there and we went to sidewalk to see where all the laughter was coming from.

The pool. Something is going on at the pool. I was done folding everything so we walked over to find out what was so funny.

It seems they were modeling some swimsuit cover-ups that they each made with own two hands. Well, maybe one didn’t.

It all started when one of the ladies made a blue swimsuit cover-up for herself using some, shall we say porous material. An open weave material to say the least.


She sewed a piece of elastic to the top and called it a ….cover-up. It does the job.

A few days later some of the ladies went to ROPA to see what treasures they could find and one of them pulled a lace curtain out of the pile and when her friend saw it they had the same idea at the same time. You guessed it! Cover-ups.

Now another one of their friends wanted to be part of this also but they only had a enough curtain panels for the two. Being the clever lady she is, and while no one actually told me this, I’m assuming she has a naked window at her house right now!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Trade Winds Bathing Beauties!


Just before I took this next picture somebody yelled out,,, Girls UP!


I just love the pleats in the cover-up, second from left.

Ladies you done good!

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