Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/13/2012 We May Never Walk Again!

Shhhh,,,,don’t tell Bob, but I slept with Ben last night.  Oh yes I did!  I went to him in the middle of night after Charley was done with me.

Charlie snuck into my bed around 2 a.m. and instead of a gentle touch woke me by grabbing me by surprise.  Charley Horse!

I ran to my friend Ben for comfort and soothing.  Within minutes the remnants of my unfortunate meeting with Charlie was all but forgotten.  Ben Gay is truly a girl’s best friend when said girl walked for miles which is not a normal everyday occurrence.

Actually, I had expected the Charley Horse last night.  Not thinking when we left for Old Town yesterday, I had on a new pair of flip flops with a different “footprint” than my old ones.  Between that and the walking from one end to the other of Old Town twice and back and forth on side streets and all through the shops, well I knew to expect Charley last night and he didn’t disappoint.

Bob isn’t walking all that much better than me either.  I wish we had on pedometers yesterday to give us an idea of just far we walked.  It was a lot!

So needless to say we’re taking it easy today, very, very easy.

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