Thursday, November 29, 2012

11/29/2012 Something Big in the Works!

(Key Largo, FL)

Bob has web sites that he goes to every day as most of us do.  Some of his sites are ones that advertise workamping jobs.  Today he saw one for next summer that he sent to me.  We talked about it and thought this is something that would be really different for us.  Bob mentioned it casually to Jim and I brought it up to Arlene.  The ad, which was running for the very first day, said to call in the evening which I did.  I got the particulars and the four of us talked some more about it.

Earlier in the day I told Arlene that she had to get her and Jim’s workamping resume written and off she went to do it.  An hour or so later I went to check to see how see was coming along with it and I nearly fell down laughing when I read it.  You would have thought they were applying for top secret jobs with the government.  She was so technical with it in what they had done in their jobs before retirement.  Needless to say I re-wrote it and off it went via email. 

When I sent ours I wrote in our cover letter that we and the Kacey’s come as a pair.  Hire one, you hire the other.  Keep reading in the days to come, I’m not saying what it is until we know for sure if we have it or not!

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