Friday, November 30, 2012

11/30/2012 We Are So Excited!

(Key Largo, FL)

The four of us have spent the entire day talking about this possible workamping job for next summer.  I can tell you that its looking really good!  We both received emails this morning that said they liked what they read and would like to have a phone interview with us on Sunday evening!

Arlene has even started writing a list of things she needs to take and Jim has the address in his GPS already and his route plotted.  Of course Bob is already working on the route we’ll take and getting a timeline together as to when we’ll leave and how many travel days we’ll need.  It’s all we’re talking about!

Jim has never been away from the east coast so he is extremely excited about this trip if it comes to be.  I can tell you it is not Alaska because I just know some of you are thinking that.

We went to the Mandalay for dinner and it was very good.  It wasn’t crowded at all.  Maybe ten people in the whole place.  It was really a shame because they had a singer, Brenda Starr, that was just lovely and her voice was fantastic!

The Mandalay has been a Key Largo oceanfront landmark since 1947 as a shack, a marina, and then a restaurant.  It has been a vital part of the Upper Keys daily life for both locals and visitors.  Immortalized by artist Harry Sonntag in the 50’s, the Mandalay has hosted ocean side church services, crab races and some of the best music in The Keys.

We invited Brenda to come sit with us on her break and she told us all about herself and how she’s trying hard to really make a name for herself.  We have no doubt she’ll do it!

After dinner we went back to our place and it won’t take two guesses to figure out what we talked about.

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