Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28/2012 Name That Tune!

(Key Largo, FL)

(This is a continuation of 11/28 since that post was so long with pictures)

When you go into the Publix grocery store here in Key Largo there is a long clothesline tied from the door to the large window divider in the center of the store foyer.  Doesn’t matter which door you go in, the clothesline is there.  Rather than a bulletin board, local businesses, clubs, lodges, theater groups, line dancing teachers, who/whatever puts their flyer on the clothesline for all to see.

I saw a flyer for the Lions Club that was having a fundraiser and it was ….called Name That Tune.  I remembered the TV show and thought this would make for a fun evening.
Of course I didn’t have all the details and went back to the store today and the flyer was gone.  I went to the courtesy desk and luckily talked with a young woman whose mother-in-law was the one running the thing.  She called her and gave me the phone.  I told her that I was interested in attending but also would appreciate any written material she may have as I would maybe like to lead one of these myself at some point.  She told me her name and said that she would bring everything with her.

So the four of us were planning on going.  As time got closer Bob wasn’t feeling so well.  Maybe not sick but he’s very tired as he hasn’t been sleeping well.  So the three of us went.

We paid ten dollars each to play and since there was only three of us they had another member join us to make a team of four.

Each time they have this fundraiser they improve the way they do it.  It started out playing songs on an ipod connected to the speaker system and holding up a paddle as way to signify you wanted to answer.

Now the songs are played from computers.


Scores aren’t kept on a piece of paper anymore by the judge or MC.


As I said they have done this several times and have really come a long way from holding up paddles as a way of saying I know the answer to hitting a light switch that sits on the table….


that lights up a red or green light bulb.


So our team was one of the first ones called to play.  To put it simply, we sucked.  It seems that all the songs that were being played for our team were from the Top 40 in the 90’s.  I finally stood up and asked the computer guy, “Do you see how old I am?  Do you really think I’m of the age that would listen to this music?”  Hey, give me some Motown or some Beatles and I’ll nail it, but NOT this 90’s crap.  You don’t realize just how little the first 20 seconds of a song is either!   We did manage to get a few points but we lost miserably.

Of course we knew ALL the songs that the next group had!

The losing team took it all in stride.


Another team needed a player and they recruited Jim.  (blue shirt – front table)  He even got this team a few points!


I have to say, this was a lot of fun!

I could see me taking this to Quail Run, our winter resort or to the Moose in Arizona City where Bob belongs for a fundraiser.  This was just too much fun to sit on.

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