Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28/2012 Snook’s Tiki Bar

(Key Largo, FL)

This was supposed to be Jim and Arlene’s last night with us as the state park is booked solid.  Arlene had been calling everyday to see if there were any cancellations and had been striking out.  Today she hit a homerun!  There was a cancellation and now they will stay until Saturday.  They were over the moon happy and Bob and I were very glad that she called before someone else snatched that open campsite up.

We decided to go out for dinner tonight and Jim and Arlene said that they saw a sign for Snook’s Tiki Bar so we decided to check it out.  We actually expected to find a small place where we might be able to get burgers or pizza if that.  We were going even if for only drinks to that we were at Snook’s Tiki Bar….for obvious reasons.

There was just a small sign on the Overseas Highway which certainly didn’t give us any indication as to what we would find.  Were we ever in for a surprise!

I was driving The Beast and had to take it slow through the pot hole filled parking lot.  I think we were all thinking dive.

The parking lot was hardly filled but we had to remember that this is still considered off season here.

The sign on the street didn’t say anything about a grand tiki bar.


We walked around the building from the parking lot and oh what a surprise!



Not at all what we expected!  There would be no leaving here and finding somewhere else to eat dinner.

As the sign said, we are bayside.


We were led to a table by the cabana boy and our drink orders taken.  Cabana boy is not my term but what each waiter, and now that I think about it there were only waiters, had written across the back of their black T-shirts.

There was a long pier and dock for those who arrived by boat.


We watched the sky change almost by the minute as we sat there and waited for our dinners.



Our view in the other direction.  We thought we might get rain due to this large cloud but it passed over quickly.


We just couldn’t keep our eyes off this sunset.


This pelican came in to perch and sat there for quite awhile.  I moved closer to get the picture and happened to strike up a conversation with a woman sitting at a table near the dock.  I recognized that she sounded like me when she spoke and I had to ask where she was from.  Sure enough, Pennsylvania with a  beach house in Bethany Beach, DE.  Oh this world is sooooo small!


Let me make this clear right here and now.  Bob is not a martini drinker.  That said, he did partake this night of a martini called Apple Snookie.  He drank it but I don’t think he really enjoyed it.  And since when did martini’s cost twelve bucks????


Our dinners finally arrived.  I don’t remember what Jim and Arlene got but Bob ordered a fish dish.  Yellow snapper.  He raved about even though it was a challenge since it wasn’t fileted but the whole fish!


I had lobster tail topped with crab stuffing and a béarnaise sauce.  I guess I didn’t pay too much attention because they menu said it was Maryland blue claw crabs and I guess I was expecting lumps of crabmeat.  Uh-uh.  it was stuffing…like turkey stuffing,,,with crabmeat in it.  it was very good, just not what I expected.  Perfectly seasoned and cooked mixed veggies and cheesy scalloped potatoes rounded out our dinners.


Everyone of us enjoyed our dinners.

At one point during the evening Bob and Jim had reason to shake on something.  Now I told you how much alike we are and here’s an example.


Take note of the little finger that is bent on the hand on the right (Jim) and the ring finger that is bent on the left hand (Bob).   Yep, they both have a finger that is permanently bent.  It does make it somewhat difficult for them to shake hands. 

Our cabana boy took our picture for us.


Tiki lamps.



Bob and I hope to come back here one more time before we leave in January.  The meal was so good, the atmosphere just wonderful and the sunset pretty darn nice too.

Good food, great company!

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