Monday, November 12, 2012

11/12/2012 Wanted: One Parking Space

(Key West, FL)

We were determined to visit Old Town – Key West today.  Come hell or high water we were going to find a parking space.

Checking online, talking to other RV’ers and depending on just dumb luck we’re going to Old Town and finding a place to park The Beast.

We get downtown and compared to Saturday it was a ghost town.  Using info that a fellow from the campground gave us we pulled into a practically empty park all day for ten dollars lot.  No painted lines to determine how big a space was, just claim a section of dirt and throw it in park.

I fell in love with this building as soon as I saw it.  I can just imagine sitting on that porch and people watching.


We passed this street side booth selling these wind chimes.  I ran my finger along them and their music was sweet.  So was the price tag.


We visited the Oldest House in South Florida.  It was built in 1829 by a ship’s carpenter.  Although the house originally stood about a block away, it was moved in 1934 due to frequent flooding conditions.  Mules and logs were used to move this cedar and pine structure to its present day location.


It’s one and a half stories high and the pitched roofline supports three dormers.  There is a center hall which dissects the house into four equal sized rooms.  The back door stands in line with the front door which allows great ventilation in these tropic weather conditions.
New floors were being laid the day we visited so we weren’t able to go inside.  We were, however, able to enjoy the garden in the backyard.



This little girl went up to Bob and greeted him with a very exuberant HELLO and then went on to explain him to him that her face wasn’t painted but that she was wearing a mask.


Further down the street we saw this sight.  The old Strand movie theater converted into a Walgreen’s.


This is a common sight on the streets of Old Town, Key West.  Hens and roosters just walk wherever they darn well please.  More on this later.


We stopped for lunch at Willie T’s and sat in the courtyard since it was such a nice day.   I wish we had taken into account when we chose a table under the tree that it is November and the leaves fall in November,,,even in paradise.

Here is Bob sitting next to a tree that is covered in dollar bills.  In fact, as we’ve seen in several bars now, everything has dollar bills stapled to it.


In fact, I saw quite a few staples where there were no dollars bills anymore.
If ever in Key West and looking for a place for lunch, we recommend Willie T’s.  The food was good, reasonably priced (for Key West) but we do have one complaint.  They serve you too much.


Another building I liked.


Little businesses were tucked away in little alleys all over town.  Hammock and metal works were sold in this alley.


I saw a couple of these I’d like to have but everything is just so darn expensive down here.  I’ve seen similar metal work pieces for nearly half the price.


I’ve got a thing for porches!




Southernmost.  That is a key word on this end of Key West.  Everything claims to be the southernmost.  In fact, the picture above was taken at the Southernmost Hotel.  We walked out on a pier and this is the most southernmost beach.


This is Casa Cayo Hueso the southernmost house in the continental United States.


There was a “fact” sign near the gate.  (double click on the picture to enlarge for easier reading)


Of course we had to go to the southernmost marker.


There was long line of people waiting to get their picture taken next to the marker.  We considered getting in line but it was so warm, we were so thirsty and so tired from all the walking that we decided to settle for just this.

Just a small portion of the line.  It wouldn’t be so bad except for the groups of five teens who have five cameras and one swears each time her eyes were closed to take it again….


This is the First State Bank, does your bank look like this?


Being from Delaware, the first state, I don’t quite know how to take the name of this bank.  Is it the FIRST State Bank?  Or perhaps the First STATE Bank.  To me, if it’s the FIRST STATE Bank then its in the wrong state!

Mile 0.  The end of US 1.


All the trunks of the trees in the picture below?  This is all one tree.  As the branches spread out roots grow at the bottom of the limbs and take root when they grow long enough to reach the ground.  I’m guessing here, but I believe it’s a banyon tree.  If anyone knows for sure, please let me know.



We saw a lot more during our time in Old Town but it will have to wait for another post.  With over 20 pictures so far in this one it will take forever to load as it is.  More to come.


LaVon Baker said...

I'm a big fan of porches, too.

Barbara said...

It sure looks like a banyan tree. How I love Key West-thanks for all those pictures. We must have missed parrot-guy. Aggressive some?

Ron said...

It is a Banyan Tree.