Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5/2012 Lunch With Friends on Cocoa Beach Pier

(Cocoa Beach, FL)

A couple of days ago I was riffling through some papers and this little piece of notebook paper fell to the floor.  When I retrieved it a big smile came across my face as I had thought I had lost the info on it forever.

I once again had the phone number of Jim and Arlene, the couple who were our next door neighbors and fellow camp hosts in the beginning of this past summer at Delaware Seashore State Park.  They left rather early in the season and we were so sorry to see them go!   We had tried to get together again with them because they hadn’t moved too far but when we were supposed to meet for dinner and a game of miniature golf the temps were above one hundred degrees.  Everyone just wanted to stay in air conditioning.
Since they winter in Florida I gave them a call to see how far away they were in hopes that we could hook up at some point.  Turns out its TODAY!

We agreed to meet on the Cocoa Beach Pier for lunch.


We had just parked and Bob said, “There’s Jim.”  Sure enough this fella we had come to like so much was walking towards us.


Hugs and handshakes out of the way we went in search of Arlene who was waiting on the pier for us.

It was so good to see this couple again. 

More hugs and we walked out onto the pier.  This is definitely a surfer’s beach.


Bob must be explaining something in this picture but I don’t have a clue what it was about.


We stood on the pier for a little while before going in to the mid pier restaurant to order lunch.  Arlene and I found view totally acceptable!




A view of the fisherman’s beach.  Not nearly as much action.


We went in to the restaurant and all enjoyed a simply delicious lunch.  We all ordered something different and all exclaimed how good it was.  We used this time to bring each other up to date on what we had been doing since parting ways last June.  We discussed the possibilities of taking a trip somewhere out west together and of course getting together again here in Florida this season.  Bob and I hope this works out because we really like this couple.

After eating we decided to walk out to the end of the pier.


We sat at the bar and talked away the afternoon.  There were some fisherman on the pier and one brought in a fish that everyone was taking pictures of.  Me included.  Zebra fish?


On the way off the pier we stopped to watch this bird.  It somehow got a hold of a packet of ketchup or mayo.


It was determined to eat whatever was inside and was putting up quite a fight with the plastic to get to the contents.


Since we were at a surfer’s beach after all, Bob thought it only fitting that he get some surfing in while we were here.  Did Bob strip down to a SPEEDO?  No.  Did Bob change into a pair of surfer jams?  No.   Did Bob change into one of those black wet suits?  No.  Did Bob go surfing naked?  Oh hell no!  Bob thought the water might be a tad cold so he went fully clothed.  He was also afraid of stepping on sharp broken seashells so he also wore his shoes….and socks.  He also knew he was going to be so good at this that he wore his hat and kept his glasses hooked in his shirt!


That’s my Bob!

We were so glad to be able to connect with these friends of ours. 

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