Thursday, November 29, 2012

11/29/2012 African Queen

(Key Largo, FL)

I was sitting at the computer this morning, shortly after I had gotten up.  Something happened to catch my attention out the window.  A white egret was eating.


A few minutes later I looked out and there were three.


More activity and I looked again….nine!


Our little flock turned into fifteen and Bob then told me that they have been outside our door every day.  The fifteen were too spread out to get them all in one picture, but I’m going to try.

Then this caught our eye.


I have no idea what kind of bird this is but he was fascinating to watch as he stalked his breakfast.  There is a steam right behind our rig and to the right of this bird.  I watched him take one step at a time closer go the water’s edge and he moved ever so slowly which was our clue that he was stalking something.

Sure enough, we were right.  It had been watching something in the water.  Can you see the small crab it has in its mouth?


Arlene and I had some errands to run, a stop at the store, a run to the bank, a beer run and who knows what else.  They tow a jeep behind their motorhome so with the top off we took to the roads on this warm afternoon.  While we were out we checked out other waterfront restaurants.  There was one we had heard about and saw the sign for it so pulled in.  After we parked and looked around a little bit in the dock area we realized the African Queen was docked here.  Yes, you read that right, African Queen, as in Bogart and Hepburn. 

I had heard it was here in Key Largo.


What struck me more than anything was the size.  it was much smaller than I thought it would be.


We heard the guide telling the couple on the boat that everything is original to the boat except the red and white striped canopy and the engine.


You can take an hour and a half cruise around the canals and even for a short ride in the Atlantic Ocean for $49 per person or even take a dinner cruise for $89 each.  This was something I really wanted to do before we actually arrived here but this Queen of Cheap isn’t springing a hundred big ones for a ride on an old boat.  African Queen or not.


African Queen, the movie, was filmed in 1951.

This boat was built in 1912 and refurbished in 2012 for her centennial birthday.
Oh who knows, I might be sorry if we don’t do this 90 minute cruise.  I’ll give it some serious thought.

Arlene and I found the next restaurant we want to try, a waterfront restaurant called the Mandalay Oceanfront Grill and Tiki.  I think it will prove to be another good time.


Anonymous said...

Snookie, I believe the bird with the crab is a Crested Night Heron. Keep looking you may see more.

Neil Laubenthal said...

The white ones are White Ibis and the one with the crab is a Yellow Crowned Night Heron because of the yellow on top of his head. There's also a Black Crowned Night Heron.

Snookie said...

Thanks for info on the birds. A birdwatcher I'm not, I know a robin when I see one.