Friday, November 16, 2012

11/16/2012 Orientation

(Key Largo, FL)

We met with the Volunteer Coordinator, Elena, this morning at nine for our Orientation.
We learned all about the park, filled out lots of paperwork, watched some videos on the computer and received certificates for the training should we ever work another Florida state park.

Elena took us on a tour of the park for which I did not have my camera.  I’ll have to go back and take lots of pictures.

There is one thing they do here that we think all parks or privately owned campgrounds should do.  They gave us a local phone book for the Yellow Pages and a loose leaf binder with the brochures of all the local attractions and menus for the local restaurants.  Also a  list of local doctors, vets, churches with times, pharmacies, grocery stores, hardware stores,,,,just everything you could need or want.

After the three hour orientation was over we spent the rest of the day getting our place set up for an extended stay.  Bob got our chairs out and set up the grill while I did inside things like take the rubberized matting out between the dishes and bowls and got out our things that make it home for us.  We did all this in between visits to Facebook and Scrabble games and a couple hands of poker.  We’re in no rush, we have the weekend off.

We think we’re gonna like it here!


LaVon Baker said...

Sounds like they have been organized correctly. Do they have a designated site with a shingle hanging out that says, PARK CHAPLAIN?

viola_cook said...

Wow, sounds fantastic, did they go over what you guys will be doing yet? I like the idea of the training, we had camphost training in Michigan, not sure if it is the same or not! Like the idea of the loose leaf binder also! I am so glad you are happy with everything so far!

Peggy & Bill said...

Sounds like you are ready for your season to begin!
I need to go back & catch up on the reading too!