Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11/7/2012 On the Road to Key West

(Enroute to Key West)

It sure didn’t take us long to get on the road this morning.  I think we even pulled out of the campground before the clock struck 8:30.  This is early for us!

We weren’t too far out of the campground which seems to be a busy two lane road, under construction of course, when I noticed these houses.


Take note of the canal like body of water between the road we’re on and the four or five houses on the other side.  Let me tell you now that there is a large body of water on the other side of the houses.  I will also tell you that the houses sit on an island.  They get to his side of the canal using this….


On the far side of the foot bridge is a space to park a half dozen cars off the road.  I have to wonder how they got those houses built on that small island?  I bet they have some challenges in dealing with that bridge as far as the weather and bringing home groceries from a large shopping trip are concerned.  Of course their view on the other side may make these things seem trivial.

Before we left Cocoa Beach we purchased a SunPass to pay for the tolls on the Florida Turnpike.  It gave us a lower rate by doing this and we wouldn’t have to stop to pay tolls.  Actually, no one stops to pay tolls whether you have a SunPass or not.  We have never seen this before but Florida will bill you for your tolls.


A picture is taken of your license plate and then a bill sent.  Of course you pay a higher price for the tolls and that doesn’t sit well with this Queen of Cheap.

So we finally got off of the Florida Turnpike and onto US 1 South.

After passing through The Gateway to the Keys we started seeing the beautiful blue waters of the Keys.  We traveled Overseas Highway for the 127 mile trip to Key West.


I usually read and will occasionally look up or Bob will tell me to get the camera ready.  I can assure, there was no reading on this trip.


A tree will grow anywhere.  Here a tree has taken root on the old railroad that was once the lifeline between the Keys the and mainland Florida.


The scenery was just wonderful during this trek. Wouldn’t you agree?


Oh yeah, I could live there.


I can’t even imagine how much this real estate would sell for.


Depending on the depth of the water the color changes from dark blue to turquoise to the palest blue.



The drive to Key West was beautiful.  In some places, breathtaking.  And then……. 
(to be continued)

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LaVon Baker said...

Just beautiful!

Texas and a few other states we've been in, have the video method of sending toll bills.