Friday, May 10, 2013

5/10/2013 No Pool For Me!

(Tucson, AZ)

No pool for me today!  I’m still a little too red to be going to the pool.  Bonnie went for awhile but I just couldn’t take the chance.

Steve and Bonnie had their motorhome washed and waxed here today.  The fellows who perform this service use a smear and swirl free wax which leave the RV’s looking like they just came off the showroom floor.  They did a fantastic job and we have said all along that we would have ours done before we left here.  (If we ever leave here.)  Yes, its pricey, but worth it.  I’ll be sure to take before and after pics when we get ours done.

We didn’t cook dinner tonight, we had Chinese take-out.   The place we went to was quite busy when got there which was a good sign to me.  We placed our orders and in no time we were heading back to Lazy Days.  Mine was good, not as good as the place we used to go to when we lived in Delaware but I would eat there again.

We sat outside again this evening but called it an early night.  Bonnie and Steve will leave tomorrow and they wanted to get a head start on getting ready for travel.  I sure am going to miss them.  It was fun while they were here.

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