Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5/28/2013 We’re Done! er…DISMISSED???

(Tucson, AZ)

Service bay time at Lazy Days/Tucson for the Quinn’s today!  YAY for us. 
Today we will have our fireplace replaced because it made way too much noise.   The technician here said that he couldn’t hear any noise so therefore it didn’t exist.  Oh please.  I wrote an email to DRV, our manufacturer and before the day was over had authorization for a new fireplace to be shipped and installed.  This was brought up when we arrived in March and here it is May and its just being done.  I guess its ok because we certainly aren’t using the fireplace anyway.

We’ll also have our AC’s fitted with new grommets because they (the AC’s) vibrated so much that when I sat in the dining room chair my rear end vibrated and just this past week it had gotten so bad the when the AC came on in the bedroom at night the bed vibrated.  The walls vibrated!  The noise when in the bathroom was horrendous when the AC’s were running!  We had brought this up when we first got here and again after being here for about a month.  As the weeks went by it got progressively worse.  We were told they had done all they could do and that it is what is and we’d have to live with it.  Just the nature of the beast.   Oh no, no, no.  I contacted my buddy at DRV and told him what was going on.  Within an hour he got back to me and told me that this was a known problem with Dometic AC’s and that the fix was to replace the grommets already in place with new soft ones.  I went back to our service writer and gave her the info so that we could get this problem fixed once and for all.

We were also having a leak in our hydraulic lines fixed.  Again.

I do have to tell you that we had to request a different technician work our rig than has been.  We were finding that we always had to clean up after him when he worked inside our house.  If he had to strip a wire we would find little bits of the plastic covering on the floor or on the island.  When he installed our new speakers he put our TV back in crooked.  We would find grease spots on our carpeting and fingerprints everywhere.  We just didn’t feel that we had to do that.

Around 2:30 our rig was done and was being taken back to the parking lot to our spot.  Our service writer called me on the phone to let me know that paperwork was done and when I got the chance to come over to the office.  It didn’t take me long to get there because I had been hanging out in the very cool waiting lounge.  As temps near a hundred degrees one doesn’t stray far from the air conditioning.  I went over to the office area and she was ready for me.  She went over the items that were done and finished up with, “We’ve done everything on the list so I' guess you’ll be pulling out tomorrow.”  I replied, “No, I think we’ll stay a few days to make sure there isn’t any more leaking since that seems to be a problem.”  She came back with, “There’s nothing more we can do for you, you’ll have to go to the factory.”  My first thought was, “Oh my, we’ve been dismissed!”  I was pretty much stunned by what she had said and told her I wanted copies of everything done to date.  She said ok and that I could pick it up later that afternoon or in the morning.

I walked back to the 5th wheel where Bob was getting it set up again and I told him to sit down, that we needed to talk.  I told him what took place and what he said is not important.  Actually, it is but I don’t type words like that.  <<grin>>

In the end we decided that tomorrow we would move to the campground attached to the dealership.  We have to see if this is going to leak or not.  We just can’t take the chance of the landing gear coming down when we’re traveling 62 miles an hour down the highway.  We were assured it was fixed.  We’ll see.  We’ll stay in the campground until Friday morning.

We finished out the day having dinner with Fred in our blacktop yard and talking the evening away,

Seventy seven days.  We’ve been here seventy seven days!


Allison said...

Would you please do the RVing public a favor and write a review on this site.
I am so sorry this has taken so long, we just got through with 8 days and that was bad enough! Enjoy your summer.

Martha said...

I think it's funny when they tell you that you will just have to live with something. Surely they know you by now. I can't believe being at a shop for 77 days. And I complain when a shop keeps my motorhome a month. My main complaint is that if there is more than one thing to be fixed they don't order all the parts they are going to need. They will order parts for one thing and then move on to the next repair and order the parts for that. They need to fire some service managers if that's the best they can do.