Thursday, May 23, 2013

5/21–5/23/2013 Where is May Going?

(Tucson, AZ)

We’re still in this parking lot.  But hey, we’re making the best of it. 

Our neighbor John left to continue his adventure.  He had been here since December.  We’re hoping for his sake everything is finally fixed. 

Exit John.  Enter Fred.  Fred had been here a week or so but we didn’t see much of him or his wife as they spent the time that she was here exploring the area.  Cyndy had to go on to California as she is a traveling nurse and has an assignment.  They are full-timers but I believe she has taken on an apartment.  They have quite the story about their motorhome and I will share it, but not until we’re outta here.  Watch for it, its one helluva story!

So Fred is staying here in his motorhome and it is truly a shelter only right now.  He can’t empty the tanks so he can’t run the water for anything, kitchen, shower or toilet.  He does have electricity so he can keep his beer and water cold and he can keep his phone charged.  That’s about it. 

Bob and Fred spend hours talking about the downfall of the RV industry and service bays as far as customer service is concerned.  This will all make sense later.

Our temps are reaching the high 90’s and from everything we’re hearing the 100’s are just around the corner.  The interior of the truck is sometimes 100 degrees already if parked in the sun and closed up.

Tires.  We finally got a handle on the tires we need for the truck.  I had called Glenn Jones Ford in Casa Grande and was told the same thing that I heard from the Ford dealership in Tucson, “Those tires are not available in any Ford dealership in the state of Arizona.”  I thanked him for his time and went on to the next phone call to make.  I called Discount Tires and found that they could order them in from Nevada but that I would have to go to another place to get them installed at the price of $40 a piece.  Now granted, they could sell me the tires for $756.00 but add in another $80 for install,,,,well this Queen of Cheap wasn’t happy about that at all.  I told the guy I would call him back.  I just had to keep shopping around.  No sooner had I hung up and the fella from Glenn Jones Ford called back and said that he found tires and could have them in by Thursday.  He told me the price and I negotiated it down to $730.00, installed, all costs included, out the door.  It was the best we were going to do.

I’ve been working on my tan but you should see Bob!  Oh my gosh, he is so darn tan and its still only May.

Update on the 5th wheel:  There is still a leak in the hydraulic line but the service department is aware of it.  We’re scheduled to be in the bay next Tuesday.  In the meantime we’ll put a set of jack stands under the rig just in case.  We’ve been here for 71 days as of the 23rd.  It’s all good, free rent and utilities, we’ve got our dish, new friends, pool close by and everything we could possibly need within a 10 minute drive.

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Allison said...

This is unbelievable.
Are you running out of things to do? Have you spent any time on the U of A campus? If you go in through the Main Gate, and go to the first building on the left, there is a very good museum there. Bisbee is an interesting day trip.
Hope you're done soon with this.