Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5/29/2013 Our Move To The Campground

(Tucson, AZ)

We are moving to the Lazy Days Campground since we are finished dismissed from the service department.  We just have to be sure the leak is fixed.

During the next few days we’ll decide where we’re going from here as it seemed we were never leaving and we really haven’t given much thought to it.  We’ll also do a good grocery shopping and go to the air force base to get our ID cards renewed.

Our site.


Pool time.  I’ll get lots of pool time while we were in the campground.  As it turned out we are in a site right across from the pool


The laundry room is right across from us too in addition to the gym and shower rooms.


Right next to the pool is a small garden which is nice to look at on these hot, hot days.


As we float and sit around the pool we have the constant sound of the waterfall.  The water here has a high salt content, can you tell?


All around this desert campground are large pots filled with colorful summer flowers.


This is the main building that houses the campground office, a lounge, a glass enclosed café, the Florizona Grille, a gift shop and meeting rooms.


To give you an idea of close we are to everything, I’m standing outside the pool and looking at our rig/truck.


It’s a nice enough campground for being In the desert,  Lucky for us we’re getting the “service rate” which is less than $20 a day.

Since we’ve been here so long now, we were starting to believe what these flags that are hanging everywhere around here say.


Well, it won’t be long now and we’ll be on our way.

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