Monday, May 20, 2013

5/15–5/20/2013 Livin’ Life in a Parking Lot

(Tucson, AZ)

Yep, we’re still here at Lazy Days.  I spend some of my days at the pool, Bob sits with Dennis and John. 

We go shopping to pass the time too.  Oh my, do we ever go shopping.  We don’t go to Sears or Penny’s or even Walmart.  Nope, not us.  We go to……drum roll please……FRY’S GROCERY STORE!  You see, I’m active on Facebook and everyone is posting these wonderful recipes and we’re trying them out.  So we run to the store to get what we need and we always seem to go when we’re hungry and we end up spending seventy five to a hundred bucks. Each time.  Then take into consideration that things that we use are on sale and we’re stocking up.  I don’t know why, its not like these items are never going to be on sale again.  However, that said, there is such a huge sale on beer here right now and my Pepsi’s and we’re buying the maximum we can every time we go.  It’s not often you see a 30 pack of Bud for $17.00 here in Arizona.  Our basement is full but Bob is giving it his all to stay ahead of the game.

I’ve been spending considerable time trying to find tires too.  The tires I found for just under nine hundred?  They aren’t in stock, they have to be ordered.  So I keep looking for tire stores and I call and keep getting told they can order them.  I called the local Ford dealership to get tires for this Ford truck and they don’t have them in stock.  They can special order them if I choose to go that route but we’ll have to pay for shipping because of the special order status.  That ain’t happening!  What baffles us is that these are the tires that Ford puts on the trucks so we can’t understand why we can’t get them.  The fellow we’ve been talkin’ with says he’s checked every Ford dealer in the state of Arizona and there isn’t a set to be had.  Oh great!

I checked with our service writer to get a status on the parts we’re waiting on.  She said she would look into it and get back to me.  Well, she did and why were we not surprised to find out that the parts are expected to arrive in six to eight days!  Can you say, “She forgot to order them?”  I’ll have quite the story to tell when we get out of here!  I’m not saying a word while we’re still here.  I remember what happened the last time I wrote something on the Internet!  Remember THIS?

Our new friend Dennis will be pulling out soon.  He bought a new Redwood 5th wheel from Lazy Days five months ago and had so many problems with it he brought it back and traded it for a gently used toy hauler.  The small issues he wanted fixed on the used unit are done now and he’s almost got it all set up inside.  He’ll spend the summer out in the open desert, mostly by himself.  He says he loves it, gets the occasional neighbor but mostly by himself.  That wouldn’t be for me.


kathy dehring said...

agree facebook has some great recipes

Allison said...

I feel your grocery shopping pain! We're in Oregon for maintenance. I can not believe how much money we spend each time we go to the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you aren't living in a WalMart parking'd be broke! :)