Monday, May 6, 2013

5/6/2013 55 Days and Counting

(Tucson, AZ)

Today is our 55th day here at Lazy Days.  Only two weeks total for me since I was home in Delaware for those five or so weeks.  I totally understand Bob’s frustration and his boredom.  But things are moving now. 

Today we took the 5th wheel to the Body Shop which is located three miles away.  We have some spider cracks in the fiberglass that they will fix for us.  We’re scheduled for three days in the shop but the body shop manager assured us we would be out in two.  Actually, it’ll be out at the end of the day and we’ll be able to bring the rig back so that we have it for the night to sleep in.

So today we spent our day in the lounge and Bob would go check on our new friend Dennis to see how his move was coming along.  He traded his 5 month old 5th wheel for a fairly new toyhauler,  a 5th wheel with a garage in the back to hold his All Terrain Vehicle.  Toy haulers cut down on living space somewhat but come in handy for those who have ATV’s, motorcycles, have a need for a hobby room or just lots of storage space.

A cold front has come through, the weather has cooled considerably.  We’re now in the 80’s with a nice breeze. 

I got this calendar that someone posted on Facebook about the dates to watch the skies for meteor showers.  Last night was one listed and I couldn’t wait to go out and watch.  That said, just like the calendar says, these nights are typically the cloudiest nights of the year.  You guessed it, it was a cloudy night and not one meteor visible.

meteor showers

It will probably being pouring the night of August 12th, no matter where we are.
We’ve been playing around with some ideas on where to go from here.  Nothing has been decided as yet.  We just know we have to go someplace to play.

We ordered pizza in for dinner as I had forgotten to take anything out for dinner.  (Yeah, he bought that…hehehe)  We then settled in for a night of Monday Night RAW!

Back to the Body Shop tomorrow but the day will go fast because friends Bonnie and Steve are going to be here tomorrow to get their motorhome worked on.  Wonder how many days they’ll be here?

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Anonymous said...

Hi ya!
I sure hope ya'lls 5th wheel problems get fixed soon. Seems like there have been problems ever since ya'll took possession. Any regrets in trading in the last one?
I so enjoy your posts. One of the first things I do when I get home is check to see if you have a new one up.
Thanks for sharing both the good and the bad.
ann in decatur