Thursday, June 13, 2013

6/13/2013 Service Bay Time Again!

(Tucson, AZ)

Bob Tiedge arrived late afternoon yesterday and stopped by for a few minutes with Dennis the head service tech.  He looked the situation over and seemed very confident that he knew what was wrong and that he could fix it.  We hope so.

We got up early this morning because we had to have the rig ready to roll by 8a.m..  Right on time they came after it.

We have to move to a different site today because Lazy Days is having an RV sale blowout weekend.  Since we are in the front row they want us moved.  You have no idea what restraint it took us not to go up to potential buyers and warn them about Lazy Days service,,,or lack thereof.  But we didn’t, we behaved ourselves.  So we moved our dish and hoses and chairs and everything else over to the new site we picked out.  Luckily we were able to choose our own and we took the time to look for one with a good sized shade tree on the refrigerator side of the rig.  The heat is bad enough but to have the sun shining on the area where the fridge is doesn’t help.

When we finished up with our move we headed towards the air base to keep our ID appointment.  We arrived a bit early but the waiting room was well air conditioned so we didn’t mind waiting a bit.  Right at ten o’clock our names were called.  Fifteen minutes later we were walking out the door, ID’s in hand.  Bob doesn’t have to have his renewed again and I’m good for another four years.

We stopped at the Base Exchange to look around to pass some time.  From there we went to the base FamCamp to check it out. It was ok, nothing to write home about.  We’ve been in nicer….and worse.

A stop at the grocery store was next for the usual beer and Pepsi run.  A hundred dollars later…..

With nowhere else to go and nothing else to do we headed back to the campground.  Much to our surprise they were pulling our 5th wheel out of the service bay when we arrived.  We stopped to let them know that we were changing sites today and to give them our new site number.

A short time later it was delivered and Mr. Tiedge came over to talk with us.  He says we’re fixed!  We’re good to go!  No more leaks!  Hooray!  We can get out of Tucson!  During out talk it came out that not only is he able to work on this system, are you ready for this(?), he is the DESIGNER of the Level Up System on our 5th wheel.  I immediately went back in my mind to my conversation with him on the phone when I asked him if he was a mechanic! 

He explained to us that he has invented many things using hydraulics including one piece of machinery he invented for an orthopedic surgeon friend of his.  The two were having a conversation one day and the doctor was saying that he wished there was such a thing as an underwater treadmill.  The doctor explained that a treadmill is good for his hip replacement patients but not practical because of the pressure on the joints and such, if only they could make one for underwater.  The wheels got to turning in Bob Tiedge’s head and the next thing you know he invents one using hydraulics and not electricity which of course is a no-no in the world of water.  Today, rehab centers across the country have underwater treadmills thanks to this fellow.

When he left us he told me that if we have any problems at all with the Level Up system to call him right away.  I assured him I WOULD!

Bob asked me as soon as he was out of sight, “How old did you think he was?”  I looked at Bob and said, “I would have bet my bottom dollar he was my age or even a year or two younger!”  Bob came back with, “Yep, I would have said late 50’s too.”  Why did this conversation take place?  Because the man is 72 years old!  You'd never know it to look at him!  He told us that he has retired twice already and then someone will call him and tell him that they need this or that and this gets his creative hydraulic juices flowing and the next thing you know he’s working fulltime again.  Such is the case with the Level Up System for Lippert.  He retired once from this company and they called him back for this new system.

Bob and I are feeling confident that our problems with this system are over now.  We feel relieved to say the least.

Remember that I told you we had to move to a new site?  We’re now staying at the corner lot of…..


…..yep, WooHoo and Jazzed!  After today, this is appropriate!

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