Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6/16–6/18/2013 Packing Up, We’re Outta Here

(Tucson - Arizona City, AZ)

It’s pretty hard to get motivated to start packing up when its 110° plus outside.  So needless to say we moved slowly, very slowly.

We had originally thought that we would pull out of here on Monday morning but there was something Bob wanted to see on TV Monday evening and we knew our park cable wouldn’t carry the channel.  Yes, we could have set the DirecTV dish up but to tell ya the truth, it was just too hot to even think about going through all that.

There aren’t many campers here as you can well imagine.


Sunday evening it looked like we were going to get rain.  We thought the monsoon season would officially start tonight.  It was just a teaser though, not a rain drop fell.


Tuesday morning we finally left the Lazy Days campground.  Ninety seven days.  We never thought in a million years we would still be here.  Yes, we missed the last couple of weeks of our season in Quail Run which we were looking forward to but we met some really special people and got a great one on one week with friends Steve and Bonnie.  Was it aggravating?  For sure!  Is the problem fixed?  Oh, hell no.  One good thing we have to look forward to since we’re going to Indiana in September now is that the fall foliage should be spectacular with all the rain the region has been having!  Yep, ya just gotta look for that silver lining.

An uneventful hour on the road later and we were in Quail Run once again.  We parked the 5th wheel next to our park model so that it would make for easy unloading.  We’re going to stay in the park model for the next month and will put the 5th wheel in storage while we’re here and while we are back on the east coast.

Our little cactus, just two leaves when Bob stuck it in the ground two years ago has really grown!


It will be quite a chore taking all that we’ll need out of the 5th wheel so we  have decided to give ourselves three days to get it done.  We can only work at it in the morning hours because of the heat.

With the park model being all closed up since the end of March it still wasn’t too bad inside.  A mere 90°.  First thing we did was uncover the air conditioner and get that fired up,  I imagine it will run non-stop to get the place truly comfortable.

This first day we got all the food moved over and the fridge and freezer cleaned and ready for storage.  Canned goods, boxes and kitchen things I wanted were also moved.  Of course our computers were moved but the rest can wait until tomorrow morning.
I took a walk down to see friends Earl and Marilyn to catch up on what’s happening in the park.  With less than twenty in residence right now there wasn’t a whole lot to tell. 
It’s good to be back here!

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Anonymous said...

Wait! What? If the rv isn't fixed how were you able to drive it? I guess the broken thingie isn't needed for traveling, just parking? Are they going to fix it in September? Why so long? Color me curious! I feel like you left out a day!
ann in decatur