Thursday, June 6, 2013

6/6/2013 Silence is NOT Golden

(Tucson, AZ)

I hate to wait.  Bob isn’t too fond of it either.  We first waited to hear from Dennis, the head service tech here at Lazy Days, to find out what he heard from Lippert.
Around 8:30 Dennis stopped by to let us know that he had received an email from the fellow at Lippert and that was going to call us.  This was good news.
We each kept our phones close by and waited.  And waited.  We went about our day as usual.  Bob puttered around the truck and storage areas and then putted the afternoon away in his golf game on the computer.  I went to the pool.
The temps are really rising here now and we’re over a hundred every day.  I only lasted about two hours at the pool and had to go home.  The sun is just too intense.  That said, I’m working a nice tan.
At three I called Dennis and left a message that we hadn’t heard anything from Lippert yet.  I called him again at five to let him know that there was no phone call today.  He called me back at six and read the email he received and no actual date or time was given as to when the call would be made.  Oh great!  It could be a month from now!
Ronnie, one of the Lazy Day lot guys, came over after his work day was done and sat the shot the breeze with Bob.  These two have struck a nice friendship.  Bob is very careful not to talk “shop” with Ronnie because he doesn’t want to put him in an awkward position.  With Ronnie being from Florida coast, they talk fishing, and also being prior service they talk military stuff.  And RVs, they talk a lot about RV’s since this is Ronnie’s line of work.
Will the phone call come tomorrow..….or not?

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