Sunday, June 2, 2013

6/2/2013 We Go to a Lumberjack Festival

(Tucson, AZ)

I get Living Social offers in my email everyday. 

Actually I get two because I get one for Tucson and one for Wilmington/Newark so I can keep up on the offers there.  If I see one for a restaurant in Delaware that I knew I my parents frequented I would buy several offers and send them to them.

On Friday there was a an offer for buy one ticket get one free for a Lumberjack Festival.   We needed something to do, that’s for sure, so we took the offer.

I don’t know what we were thinking this was going to be but we didn’t expect to be in a parking lot of a restaurant on the edge of a large shopping complex.  Only in Arizona.

So we made our way to The Lodge – Sasquatch Kitchen.

How they got their name.

This Lumberjack Festival was a fundraiser for Jared Allen's Home for Wounded Warriors.  In case the name Jared Allen is familiar to you, he is the All-Star Defensive End of the Minnesota Vikings and has created his own charity to build homes for our wounded Heroes coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  All the proceeds today went to this worthy cause.

A local car dealership donated not one but three cars to the event.  I found out later that unless someone, whose ticket was picked from the ones bought for a donation, threw a football from 100 feet through the open window of the car then the car went back to the dealership,  One try to get the football through the window was given.  Needless to say the cars went back to the dealership.

There were games for the kids, there was a DJ, a moon bounce type thing, again for the kids.  Food, a beer stand and of course the Lumberjacks.  The show was put on by Timberworks Lumberjack Shows.


The two lumberjacks performed several lumberjack events.

They sawed on a log to see which one could cut through the log first.

After this these lumberjacks tried their hand at axe throwing.

Getting ready to throw…..

Through the air it flew……

They always hit the target.

Next was chopping down a portion of the log while standing on a board wedged into the bottom part of the tree….if that makes sense.  Look at the picture you’ll understand.

From here it was onto tree pole climbing.

Then came the event that everyone was hoping they’d call for volunteers.  Can you guess?  How about log rolling?  We all wanted to jump in that pool, after all it was…….


……yes, one hundred and nine degrees!  Can you say….hotter than hell?

The log rolling was fun to watch but I would have volunteered in a New York minute!  (I think that’s faster than an Arizona minute)



This event was the final one for this show and we beat feet into the restaurant to get a cold drink and soak up some much needed air conditioning.

The restaurant is a typical sports bar with TV’s everywhere tuned to, well, sports.  This restaurant is known for having the best hamburgers in Tucson.  I know the ones that were walked by us were sure tasty looking.

We’re glad we went as we certainly wanted to support this charity event.  It was an entertaining, albeit hot, way to spend an afternoon.

We didn’t even want to think about cooking so we stopped at the store and bought cold cuts for sandwiches later.  It’s even too hot to eat.

Since we’re only five minutes from the air base we’re going to run over in the morning to get our ID’s and head to Arizona City.  We will be so glad to finally be out of here.

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Susan Hemingway said...

All I have to say is, you are braver than I am. We live in Virginia and any temperature over 91 and I'm not leaving a building let alone watch someone roll a log in water I want to be in.
Those events are actually fun to watch. I've just never seen one done in the summer at 109*. Makes me sweat just thinking about it.