Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6/4/2013 I’m Mad As Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore!

(Tucson, AZ)

We spent this morning just letting this latest development sink in.  Another week.  Still leaking.  Starting over.  Probably waiting for parts.  Living on a blacktop parking lot again.  On the bright side, we’ll be right across the street so it won’t be noticed that I’m still frequenting the pool area.  Heck, we’re practically residents here anyway so it will still be normal to see us around!  We’ll have new eyes  looking at the situation.

Around one I just had to get away from the house.  There doesn’t seem to be any bright side for Bob and I needed to get away for awhile so I went to the pool.  I tried to read my book but I just couldn’t get into it.  I sat there and thought about this situation we’re finding ourselves in and the more I thought about it the madder I got!  It’s official….I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!  No siree!  It’s time for action.  It’s time to be heard!

I grabbed my cell phone and called the Lazy Days switchboard.  When the operator answered I told her I wanted to talk to the head honcho, the big cheese, the top dog.  She told me that they were in fact in between general managers, that the one who was there was no longer and the new person had  not arrived as yet.  A brick wall!  She said that I sounded as though maybe I were a bit upset and if I told her if it was a sales or service problem she could put in touch with that particular department manager.  I replied that it was a service problem and she came back with, “I’ll be happy to connect you with our service manager Ed Crowley.”  I told her that I’d enough of him and that wouldn’t do me any good.  She then suggested that she patch me through to the Tampa location and I could talk to the CEO or the head service manager.  Oh heck, I’m not foolin’ around here, I’m going for the CEO!  As it turns out he wasn’t available.  Darn it.  I had to settle for the head service manager.  Turns out I got the 2nd in command but I didn’t know that at the time.  I started my call with, “Don’t say anything, don’t hang up on me, I need to talk and I need you to listen,”  I heard a very nice voice on the other end assuring me that he would be glad to listen if I would just tell him my name.  Oh.  Well, ok,  I gave my name and I started from the beginning.  When I got done, or maybe just out of breath, he told me that Bill Tickle, the Service Manager for Lazy Days would be flying into Tucson the next morning and that he would be meeting with Bob and I at our campsite, which site were we in?  Whoa!  I hung up and just looked at my phone.  OMG, what had I just done?  Then it hit me.  This trip was already planned and he was coming to Tucson regardless.  I have to admit, I felt all powerful there for a few minutes.  Damn reality!  I called Bob and let him know what I had done and who was coming.  His spirits lifted immediately.  Perhaps something could/would
be done now.

It’s a common question here at the pool to ask if you are here for vacation or service.  Most times, this time of year, its because of service.  I mean who comes to Tucson in June?  The next most asked question is, “How many days have you been here?”  I love to be asked this!  Today a new couple was at the pool and of course the why are you here question came up.  They were here for service and would be here 2 or 3 days,,,,tops.   I just smiled.  “And you?'” they asked.  I watched for the look on their faces when I told them that today the magic number was eighty four!  “EIGHTY FOUR DAYS???” they said in unison,  I gave a shortened version of our story and they shook their heads in disbelief. 

It’s too hot to eat a big meal or even a small hot meal, so we did the sandwich thing this evening.   I don't how we are ever going to get used to this heat.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Anonymous said...

You go girl!! dang, next time I need an advocate I'm giving you a call! Good for you for "not taking it anymore"!
ann decatur

Anonymous said...

We need to schedule you, Bob and your RV ridiculousness on one of these TV shows. Have you thought about calling the local investigative reporters? I'm sure there's a story here that the people living their retirement dreams in a (name of the RV manufacturer) super deluxe travel home would love. To hear.

Allison said...

Unbelievable. NOTHING should be this difficult. With any luck you won't get a big monsoon. I was there last year for it and experienced one power outage. The storms can be intense, but they're quick. Given that it's June and all the snowbirds are gone, it's surprising that La Mesa is booking a week out. We've never dealt with them in Tucson. Stout heart, someday this too, will pass.