Monday, June 3, 2013

6/3/2013 Oh. NO!

(Tucson, AZ)

While I was getting ready this morning to go to the air force base nearby for ID cards, Bob went outside to start enjoying the day.

He came rushing in and said, “You aren’t going to believe this!”  He startled me to begin with so I didn’t get into the guessing game and just said “What?”  He replied, “The 5th wheel is sitting on the jacks.”  Oh. NO!  The system had failed again.  The hoses were leaking again or maybe I should say ….  still!

We put the idea of the air base out of our minds without even realizing it.

What do we do now?  First things first.  I called the campground office and extended our stay for a few more days.

We have absolutely no confidence in the service techs here.  We put a call into Lippert to find out who they recommended in this area.  They gave us a choice of two, one in Lake Havasu, quite a haul from here and La Mesa RV which is directly across the street.  I called the service department at La Mesa and got an appointment a week from today.  Oh great, another week here.
Not only do we have the hot weather to deal with, monsoon season is right around the corner.  Monsoon season, known for its high winds, torrential downpours and lots of lightning strikes, not to mention the flooding, starts on June 15th.  We so did not want to be here during monsoon season.  Much like hurricane season is a big deal where we’re from, here in Arizona June 9th through the 15th is Monsoon Awareness Week.  If something has its own awareness week you know it can’t be a fun time!

So here we are, starting over with a new service department, practically melting when we walk outside due to the 109 degree days and monsoon season is bearing down on us.

Life is good!  Isn’t it?

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