Sunday, June 30, 2013

6/25-6/30/2013 Lunch, Shopping, Hangin’ at the Pool

(Arizona City, AZ)

On Tuesday I had much pleasure in having lunch with my friend Helen.  I so enjoy her company and could spend hours and hours talking with her.  We’ve already made a date for when we return in the fall.

As much as I enjoyed the company, the lunch, eh, not so much.  I was always happy as a tornado in a trailer park when we ate at Mimi’s in the past.  I had a favorite dish that I ordered every single time.  Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and lettuce on a croissant with fries on the side.  To. Die. For.  Well, someone decided to take that off the menu.  Mistake.  Big mistake,  as far as I’m concerned that is.  So I tried something new this time.  I had a
Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Croissant.  It’s a
toasted croissant with hand-carved turkey breast, served warm with melted brie and  cranberry, apple & orange relish.  It was ok,  I ate it.  I won’t order it again.

I was able to spend on afternoon at the pool.  It’s too hot.  One hundred and fourteen degrees is not out of the question now.  I took the picture around 5 p.m. and this thermometer is on our shed, in the shade.

We’re starting lists of things we have to do before we leave here.  We have things to get like a battery trickle charge thing-y.  Since we’re leaving the truck here we can’t take the chance of the batteries running down.  If they do we lose the computer settings or some such thing.  Yes, we could have asked someone to come over and start the truck for us every couple of days but who wants to put that burden on someone.

Bob has bought a roll of that silver stuff sun shades for front car windows are made of.  He has made patterns for all the truck windows and will cover all our windows to help keep the heat out.  We surely don’t want to come back to a cracked windshield.

I’ve had a few comments and emails asking where things stand on the 5th wheel repairs.

When we return to Arizona around the 22nd of August we will have one week to put all of our belongings back into the 5th wheel and get our park model ready for the couple coming in on December 1st.  You see, on the 30th of August we’re pulling out and heading to Indiana.  We have to go back to the factory to have all of  the Lippert components replaced.  Well, maybe all isn’t the right word.  The tubing which carries the hydraulic fluid will be replaced which is a big job in itself.  Some parts pertaining to our slide out will be replaced and few other things I forget what they are called or what they do,  This work will be done in the Lippert factory.  We’ll also be at the DRV factory to get the slide out tray in our appliance garage replaced as the wood has split.  We also have a few other minor things to get taken care of while we’re there.

Speaking of the 5th wheel and repairs, you’ll never guess who sent me a survey to fill out.  Yep, Lazy Days!  I was shocked to say the least.  So I filled it out, oh boy, did I fill it out!  A lot of it was picking a number from 1 being the least pleased to 10 being totally satisfied.  I gave credit where credit was due.  I gave them an 8 for their waiting lounge.  Other than that?  Ones all the way!  Where I was asked to type out my answer, I answered very thoroughly, tried to be objective as possible, didn’t let my emotions enter into it and even managed not to  use the phrase,,,,,,,you suck!,,,,,or,,,,that sucks!  Nope, not even once!  I don’t know who will read it in the end but I bet don’t hear from anyone.

The countdown is on!  We’re heading home soon!


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Anonymous said...

Finally! lol. I had been wondering what had happened between the big wig's visit and what happened after he left. Thought I'd missed a post and read and re-read all the posts lol. THanks! Truly sorry ya'll have such sucky things this year so far. Here's to nothing but glorious stuff from here on out!
ann decatur