Friday, April 4, 2014

4/1-4/4/2014 It’s Winding Down

(Arizona City, AZ)

Once the first of the month came the RV section of the park has really thinned out.  Very few RV’s left now and lots of people in the park models have moved on also.  Kinda, sorta, if you use your imagination, somewhat like a ghost town if you will.

Bob has been working on the irrigation system he is putting in at the park model.  We planted all those bushes and now they have to be watered to keep them going for what is predicted to be a hotter than usual and dry summer.  By the way, did I tell you that we just had the second warmest winter on record?  We also heard on the Weather Channel the other day that the season that different parts of the country experienced this winter is what they can expect for a few years to come.  Sorry east coast, I know you had a bitter, snowy winter.

Wednesday evening, 35 of us went to the Tumbleweed Inn for dollar taco night.

Walt and Andreana dancing to the live music, they just celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary!



I heard the low rumble of a lot of planes flying overhead and I knew in an instant what it was.  Over in Eloy, the next town over, there was a big event in the works.  At the Skydive Arizona facility there was a huge jump taking place.  Two hundred and twenty two skydivers were jumping at the same time and were going to make two formations.  This would be a world record!  I was able to get a picture of the eleven planes. 


Bonnie Larson and I wanted so badly to go over to the airport to watch the jump but we couldn’t get a definite time of when it would take place.  There’s too much to do to just go and hang out at the airport all day in hopes the winds would stay calm and the everything went according to plan.

I made a trip to Lowe’s to pick up more dowels for Wannadinger sticks.  Our friend Kenny G, yep, that’s what we call him, has a drill press set up in the shed with vises and he said that he would make us more sticks.  We’ll have plenty for parties next season.

Our time here in Quail Run is getting short.  I’m very mixed feelings about this.  I’m so ready to get on the road because we’ve been in Arizona much too long, fourteen months with the exception of six weeks last summer.  At the same time I hate to leave my friends who will stay in the park a while longer.

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