Monday, June 2, 2014

6/1-6/2/2014 Our Weekend Off

(Damascus, VA)

Another weekend off.  This past week went remarkably fast.

We didn’t have anything really planned other than a BBQ with the other workampers on Monday afternoon.

On Sunday we went to Bristol to try to find the Pro Bass Shop Bob saw the sign for.  What we found was a brand new store that isn’t even open yet.  He wants to buy an inflatable boat so that he can fish the lake.  Cabella’s (sp?) is in Abingdon but again, the new store isn’t open yet.

The trip to town was a total bust.  So much so that as we were coming through Damascus he asked if I needed anything from the store.  I couldn’t think of anything,,,,,until we were several miles past it then I thought of a half dozen things we were low on or completely out of.  Oh well, we’ll head down the mountain again in a few days.

While in Damascus we stopped at the Shuttle Shack to get information on bike rentals so that we can ride the Virginia Creeper Trail when the kids come again.

On Monday we spent part of the afternoon moving our DirecTV dish because the night before we could hardly get any channels.

I think we were both dreading this task but it was surprisingly easy.  Once he broke down the dish, moved it, got it level and we started the fining tuning, we were done within 10 minutes.  Bob had pointed the dish in the right direction on the first try and we were pulling a strong “95” signal.  One hundred is the maximum number we could get on signal strength.

We then reversed the procedure on getting the High Definition channels back and we were in business.  We’re happy campers once again.

Our BBQ was changed from five to six earlier in the day so at the appointed time we arrived at the picnic pavilion for dinner.

Edie, our park manager, drove into Abingdon to pick up five pounds of pulled pork and a mild and hot BBQ sauce.  The rest of us all made dishes to share.  We had a good variety of foods and no one walked away hungry.

Edie and Melissa getting all the dogs fed.  We had five there and it was good playtime for all the pooches.

Ray doesn’t go anywhere without his dog, Al.

Edie, Melissa and Myra getting dishes uncovered.

Time to fill those plates!

Ray and Bob

Missy watching her daddy eat dinner.

Daddy, I’m still here, don’t eat it all!!!
“HEY!  That’s your second plate and I haven’t gotten anything yet!  Don’t you see me sitting here  Daddy?”
After dinner, we visited for awhile and let our dinners settle.   Then we played a rousing game of Left, Center, Right.  It was the first time anyone besides us had played before and everyone had a good time.  I think this is one we’ll play again and again.

Before long it was time to pack up and head on back up the mountain.  This BBQ was a good time and we’re both looking forward to the next time.

Back to work tomorrow.


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