Monday, October 15, 2012

10/15/2012 We Are Lovin’ Mayport!

(Mayport Naval Station, FL)

We are so lovin’ this place!  The people are nice, the view is fantastic and we’re in shorts and tees!

Even though we are in such a nice place we still have to take care of things like vacuuming, which I did, truck maintenance things which Bob took care of.  I did the laundry which was a joy to do here.  Free laundry,,,I love free laundry.

We watched a ship come in to port which almost a non event already for us as we’ve seen a few so far.

I am all about the pelicans right now.




That strip of land on the other side of the water is a state park.


For several hours its quite crowded with fisherman.


And then the tide comes in and with it being a narrow strip of land at sea level it gets covered at high tide.

See the cat in the middle of this next picture?


It lives on the small bait fish that wash up in the rocks and get caught in the crevices.  It’s a feral cat and one of two we’ve seen.

We sat out in the afternoon sun and watched this ship head out to sea.




We talked with one lady who schedules her time here according to what ships or submarines are coming in.  It seems when an aircraft carrier comes in the place is packed.  Its quite the show evidently with the sailors lining the decks as she comes into port.

With the decommissioning of all conventionally-powered aircraft carriers by the Navy, no carriers are presently assigned to Mayport. However, carriers do come into port here for repairs or perhaps to take on cargo/supplies.

Mayport has a busy harbor in that it can berth up to 34 ships and it has an 8,000-foot runway capable of handling most any aircraft in the Department of Defense inventory.
We also see a lot of these shrimp boats coming and going.  The locals, that is, the frequent visitors to this Famcamp, call them Jenny’s.  Do you remember what Forrest Gump named his shrimp boat?


Yep, we are lovin’ Mayport!

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