Monday, October 1, 2012

10/1/2012 Weatherman Missed This One!

(Knoxville, TN)

We woke to bright blue skies, sun shining bright and not a cloud in the sky.  Today we were supposed to have 100% rain.  Oh we’re glad its not raining but we kind of planned our day around staying indoors.

Today we spent part of the day putting our TV/stereo system through its paces.  There are so many buttons and switches and we’ll never figure this all out.  Tempers flared, his not mine, because we couldn’t get the speakers be on in surround sound mode in the living room but not in the bedroom.  It took awhile and a few questions of the TV guys here but we’ve finally got that part figured out and that’s huge, believe me, that’s huge!

We plan on pulling out of here tomorrow.  Is everything put away?  No, we still have piles on the floor of the closet, there’s still a pile of tote bags on the living room floor and cabinets still have stuff just jammed into them but we need to move on.

We are in no way feeling pressured to leave, in fact, we are told everyday that we can stay as long as we like.  We have been treated so well by the staff of RVs For Less.  Every day when the acting manager, Ken, leaves he stops by our place first to let us know he’s leaving and to ask if there is anything we need before he goes.

We know everyone here by name, not because we’ve had dealings with each one but because at one point or another they have stopped to talk or to ask if we are in need of anything.

Ken put it like this.  Other dealerships have the same product so the only thing RV’s For Less can sell is customer service.  Trust me they give it with a capital C and a capital S!  This dealership is second to none in that department!

We kind of hate to leave but know that we have to.

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