Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/24/2012 We’re On the Move!

(Cocoa Beach, FL)

It sure didn’t' take us long to get on the road this morning once we decided it was time.  It sure helped that we were already hooked up and that we took very few things out of their places last evening,

We did have one little thing that held us up.  This spider had built quite a large web between the slide and the side wall of our rig.  Evidently this spider has been quite busy because it has even trapped and completely wrapped one of those awful stink bugs.  Have you had a bad stink bug season where you are?


We’re headed south to Cocoa Beach.  Home of Patrick Air Force Base and beaches where magic lamps containing wish granting genies are found.

Heading south, right towards what is now Hurricane Sandy.  Well, maybe that should be what will hopefully remain as the fringes of Hurricane Sandy.

We had about a two hundred mile drive so we planned on arriving at the base around one.  We actually got there around one forty five because we stopped at every rest stop on the way to make sure the axles weren’t leaking.  Bob did find some oil but we’re hoping that is just residue from when the service tech filled them.  He did say that some spilled and that we probably would find some residue as the wheels turned once we left the lot,  Bob will keep a close eye on this over the next few days.

We finally arrived at Patrick AFB where we will be staying in the Manatee Cove FamCamp.


Now finding the FamCamp was a huge problem.  As is customary for this base,we had to first go the large vehicle inspection area.  Had we been a delivery truck we would have been searched but since we are towing an RV we were waved right through.  Bob asked which of the four lanes to take and the Airman told him lane three.  That was not the lane to take if one wanted to follow the directions in the book to the Famcamp.  However, we didn’t know that until after we were on this road and lost.  It took us another 20-25 minutes to finally locate the Famcamp.

Our first glimpse of the Banana River which the Manatee Cove sits on.


When we made arrangements for our stay they didn’t have any waterfront sites but would the next day if we wanted to take a middle row site for one night.  Well, yeah, we can do that!  Since we are going to be moving in the morning we didn’t even bother unhooking.

Our view from this site.


We walked around, met a few of the people who are here and decided that we like this place.   A lot!  We may stay more than a week!


Mike V. said...

Welcome to sunny Florida. We are back from our trip to Delaware and are 40 miles due west of you all. Enjoy your winter stay in the keys.

Lou said...

Welcome to Brevatd County. Your in the area where I was born and raised. Just down the road in Melbourne. Enjoy your time there. We will be headed that way after the election and be "home" for Thanksgiving. Safe travels.