Friday, October 19, 2012

10/19/2012 Twenty Two Miles Down the Road

(Jacksonville, FL)

We moved a whole twenty two miles down the road today.  From NAS Mayport to Jacksonville.

We didn’t see any Navy ships going out on our last morning but we did see this Jenny.

We moved to Jacksonville, one exit away from where the dealership where are our repairs will be made.  We’re staying in Pecan Park RV Resort.  This is a Passport America park which means instead paying $42.00 per night, we’ll only pay $21.00.  They honor Passport America for six nights and that’s how long we’ll be here if all goes according to plan.  When we checked in I don’t know what happened but we were only charged $19.42 per night.  I ain’t complaining!

When we were here last week we had picked out a site only to find out today that someone came in after hours last night and took that spot.  Not a big deal really, the one next to it was open but it wasn’t as level.  We dealt with it.

It was pretty warm today, high 80’s and heading towards 90 and HUMID!  We just sat in the shade of the awning today and didn’t do much else after getting set up.

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