Saturday, October 27, 2012

10/26–10/27/12 On the Fringes of Hurricane Sandy

(Cocoa Beach, FL)

We’re told we’re on the fringe of Hurricane Sandy.  We’re told the center of the Hurricane is 250 miles away from us.  We’re getting high winds, bands of heavy rain and the river is a mass of whitecaps.  Needless to say Bob didn’t fish and I didn’t lay out at the beach.

By Saturday we knew that the hurricane was heading north and our attention turned towards Delaware because in on model Sandy was heading right for her.  Delaware is our home state.  Delaware is where the majority of our family and friends are.  Many more are in the surrounding states of Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, none of which were going to escape Sandy.

Our phones were quite busy during these two days.  Us calling family and friends about the impending Frankenstorm and them calling us to make sure we’re ok.

Early evening Saturday we finally got a break of the worst of it and the sun even came out, long enough to set.



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duffy said...

sooooooo romantic :o)

LaVon Baker said...

Beautiful sunset pics.