Monday, October 22, 2012

10/23/2012 Repair Day!

(Jacksonville, FL)

This is the day we’ll get our warranty work done and we can finally be on our way.

This almost didn’t take place today.  I called our service writer, Bob, yesterday as he requested to make sure that all the parts came in as promised.  He told me that the axle parts arrived but the new ceiling fan hadn’t.  He gave me the number for Doubletree RV so that I could follow up and find out where it was.  I did call Greg, our service rep at DRV, and got his voice mail.  I left a detailed voice message and hoped that he would get back to me with at least a tracking number so we could know when to re-schedule our appointment.

After returning home from a run to the post office and bank I started an email to Greg to follow up also.  Before I could hit send he returned my phone call to let me know that the fan had been delivered and gave me the name of the person who signed for it.   Hmmmm.

I called Bob the service writer back and gave him the info I had.  We left it that he would check more into this situation and call me back.  As it turned out I ended up calling him just as the dealership was closing for the day.  Thankfully, he was still there.  Time had gotten away from him but he did find the fan so our appointment would stand.

Since we knew we would hooking up and moving this morning we did everything possible last night to get ready.  Everything that could be done was.

In no time at all we were at the dealership and un-hooked again.  Our service man, Paul Newman, yes, you read that right, Paul Newman, said that we would have plenty of time to go to breakfast while he made the repairs.

Off to Denny’s for breakfast we went.  I was disappointed in mine.  Bob’s breakfasts are just so much better!

Another trip to the bank was needed.  We had terminated our extended warranty when we traded the Cameo and the balance of the time left was prorated and the check sent.  It arrived in our mail yesterday.

So breakfast eaten and errands ran it was back to the dealership.  Paul was just finishing up the paperwork when we arrived and within minutes we were hooked back up and headed back to Pecan Park RV Resort.

We took notice when we arrived at the RV park that a lot of orange cones were set out blocking off reserved spaces.  This is a huge weekend coming up in Jacksonville.

It seems as though this is a huge college football town.  This weekend it’s the Gators vs Bulldogs, arch rivals.  Lots of Georgia license plates are being seen already.  When we stopped in the office to let them know that we would not be extending our stay the lady told me that this place will be party central this weekend.  She said there will more outside TV screens than ever before and parties will be taking place at a lot of the RV sites.

We did hear on the radio that the “RV city” is opening tomorrow.  RV’s can park near the stadium at a rate of $100.00 per night.  I can only imagine the party-ing that is going to go on there this weekend.
We didn’t even unhook the 5th wheel since we are going to be pulling at tomorrow morning.  One less thing to do.

Tropical Storm Sandy is starting to be a concern as we travel further south.  We’re keeping an eye on her for sure.

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Allison said...

So glad you are repaired and on your way ahead of Sandy. Waiting is just the pits! We're waiting in a teeny-tiny town in Oregon for repairs. I will be so glad to be on our way back to Tucson for the winter!