Saturday, October 6, 2012

10/6/2012 Tybee Island Pirate Fest 2012

(Tybee Island, GA)

Today we went to our second pirate event.  The first was back in ‘07 when we to Gasparilla in Tampa, Florida.

Today, we went to Tybee Island and were surrounded by some very authentic looking pirates, if Johnny Depp is any indication of what a pirate should look like.  And the women, or would the correct term be wenches?  I’m so not up on pirate-speak other than AARRRGGGHHHH!  Well, just let me say here and now I have never seen so many push up bras inside of six square blocks as I have here!  Talk about cups running over!

We rode into Tybee with Vito and Nora, the couple I told you we met in Corpus Christi, last spring.  They had workamped for a short time on the island and had friends with a free parking space for them.  Parking is a premium as you can imagine.

We saw this group leaving the River's End Campground.


Us girls climbed into Tammy’s car (Nora’s friend)for the ride downtown and the guys took the free shuttle.  Of course as soon as we took off the skies opened up and it poured.  I was thinking this could be a long day since we were dependent on others for a ride back to Hunter Army Air Field.

We found a place downtown to park and had a good place to watch the Pirate Parade from.

I was standing next to this couple and realized that they talked just like me so I struck up a conversation.  Sure enough they, Mike and Clara, were from Pennsylvania.  I snapped this picture of Clara and Captain Midnight.


They came down to Tybee Island just for Pirate Fest 2012.

As you can imagine there were lots of pirate ships and pirates in the parade.




Now the parade wasn’t all pirate ships and pirates, to be sure.  Here is the Beach Chair Brigade.  They stopped every so often and had a routine they did to music.  It was quite the show!



This group even had flag twirlers!


Pirates waked the streets giving out beads and candy.



Some of the ladies in the parade.




This is the Tybee Island Slow Ride.  It’s a bicycle driven bar that you and a group of friends can rent for a night of pedaling on the town.  I am assuming it is rentable because of the Facebook page but it could be a matter of just jumping on as its pedaled around town.  What a way to work off those empty calories as you drink them!


This fella reminds me of Teddy Kennedy.  I don’t know why, he just does.


The Savannah Parrotheads float.


Friendly, happy pirates.





The parade was finally over and our tummies were screaming FEED ME!  FEED ME!
We walked downtown a ways and found Stingray’s Seafood Restaurant.


Bob ordered Jumbo Shrimp and they certainly were!  You can see the bottom of that tail under his two fingers holding the shrimp.


This pirate sat across from us and I had to ask for a picture before we left.


We passed this couple on the way down to the Tybee Island Pier.


I’m tellin’ ya, this town really gets into its Pirate Fest.

On the way to Pier we noticed a crowd standing around taking pictures of what appeared to be a plant.  And they were and it was but it was a special butterfly attracting plant.  It was just covered with them.



We finally made it to the pier.  I took these pictures from it and was surprised at how many were still on the beach at six o’clock.



While sitting in the pavilion, I met Captain Jack.  This two year old pirate was just the cutest little guy.


(Note to Jack’s parents.  If you like this next picture as much as I do feel free to right click on it and save it to your computer.  I think pic is worth getting printed and maybe even 5 x 7 worthy.)


Captain Jack wasn’t the only kid dressed up as a pirate. 

Here’s Sonny and Jazzy, just as cute as can be.


I didn’t catch this little fellow’s name.


Even the pets got involved!


More random pirates pics.


One of my favorite pictures of the day.


Look closely and you can see the pirate ship made on this bicycle.  In hindsight I should have moved that other bike to get a better shot.


The end of US 80.


What a great day this was!  We got to take part in Pirate Fest, watch a parade and spend time with a very nice couple we met while RV’ing.  Vito and Nora, thanks for a great time and including us in your plans.


LaVon Baker said...

Great pics, Snookie! Captain Jack is my fav, followed by butterflies. The last "wench" reminds me of Liz Higginbottom. You sure had a camera friendly day!

Mary Larrimore said...

Hey Snookie! Thank you for taking our picture. I am one of the Pirates in the group leaving River's End Camp Ground. I have been enjoying reading your blog.