Sunday, October 21, 2012

10/21/2012 A Shopping Spree!

(Jacksonville, FL)

This Queen of Cheap is not happy!  We went shopping today and went on a spree!  Actually, a mini spree I guess because most of what we bought today are things we need.

First stop was Lowe’s to buy some lumber and battery packs for Bob’s cordless DeWalt drill.   Wow!  Those battery packs aren’t cheap!  Luckily, they were on sale at $20.00 off and with our 10% discount which helped a bit more we only ended up spending $93 and change for these packs.  We weren’t so lucky in the lumber department.  Bob wanted to get a 4x6x10 piece of lumber to cut for stabilizing blocks for the 5th wheel.  We use these so the the landing gear on our 5th wheel doesn’t have to extend so far and it gives a more secure and stable stance to the rig.  The only lumber they had in that size was pressure treated pine and he wanted a more solid wood for this job.  So we’ll find another lumber yard down the road, perhaps a real lumber yard.  We have some boards right now so it isn’t like this is a must have today.

Next stop?  Right next door to Walmart.  Now we have often called Walmart the hundred dollar store but today it was so much more!  Between beer, sodas, paper products,fresh veggies, a new scale and several things Bob needed for some projects he’s got going, well we spent a small fortune.  Four new movies didn’t help either.  The movies weren’t really that bad as they came out of the big bins in the middle of the aisle.  We used to get regular DVD’s out those bins for $5.00, but now they have Blu-Rays in those bins at $8.00 each.  So we left Walmart at just under two hundred bucks.  I didn’t want to go anywhere but home since we couldn’t spend anymore money there.

We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon sitting outside in the warm sunshine. 

Life is good.

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