Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/20/2012 A Trip to the Pecan Park Flea Market

(Jacksonville, FL)

When we checked in yesterday the ladies in the office told us that the Pecan Park Flea Market which is located just next door would be in full swing this weekend and that we should make it a point to go since it is Jacksonville’s largest flea market.

So around noon we decided to go over and check it out.  It was quite warm, already 81 and climbing, and we didn’t know if we would buy anything so we drove next door.  Actually, to walk it would have been quite a trek since we were in the back of this resort.


We started on one side and worked our way through the market.  It was your typical flea market.  Books, leather goods, veggies, used household items, old movies and music, a hardware store which didn’t carry any brands I recognized, several mattress outlets, clothing, new and used and the list just goes on.  We didn’t buy a thing but I saw a whole bunch of what looked like perfect condition hardbacks of James Patterson books.  He’s my favorite author right now and I grab every book of his that I can.  However, after hearing Bob talk about the weight we were carrying in the rig I thought better of trying to add ten new books to my collection.  It didn’t seem to matter to him that I would be getting rid of the paperback versions once I got a hold of the hardbacks!

A couple of hours of later we were walking back to the truck when Bob noticed this.


Yes, a shortcut into the resort!  When we got back over there we took note of where the opening was and it was quite close to our rig.  Who knew?

On the property there is a catch and release pond.


I thought Bob might have spent a few hours here but the humidity is kickin’ our butts for some reason and he doesn’t relish being outside without plenty of shade.

I don’t like waiting around.  Our appointment isn’t until Tuesday and we just have to hang around until then.  There really isn’t anything we want to see in Jacksonville so we’re just hangin’ out at home.  Talking to neighbors when we see them, which isn’t often.  A lot of people call this park home.  They live here all year round, have jobs, some have kids, this is home. 

Tomorrow we going shopping.

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