Friday, October 5, 2012

10/5/2012 Just Stuff

(Savannah, GA)

A very uneventful day.

Bob spent the day reading the different manuals for the different components in our rig.  Fine points about the heater, heat pumps, AC’s, fridge, etc..

While Bob was busy reading I went for a much needed haircut and manicure and pedicure.  I met the most wonderful woman where I got my haircut.  If I lived here, I know we would be great friends.  Sometimes you just feel that connection with someone.

I had hoped to get laundry done today but that just wasn’t going to happen.

After dinner Bob and I went over to Vito and Nora’s and sat around a fire and talked the evening away.  We’ve made plans to go to Pirate Fest on Tybee Island tomorrow.  Sunday we’ll probably putz around the house and Monday we’ll go visit downtown Savannah.

We have lots of old Live Oak trees in the park that are just dripping in Spanish Moss.  I just love those trees.

So that’s it, this is our life on the road.


Anonymous said...

Be careful of chiggers in that Spanish Moss. Maw

Brena said...

Good morning Snookiequinn!
It was a pleasure meeting you on yesterday! Thank you for the tour of the RV I've been sharing them with my family and friends.
I am following your journey's thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Sabrena(Regis Salon)

P.S I agree I believe that we would be great friends!!!

Mary Larrimore said...

Hey Snookie! This is a hello from a few Pirates you met at the camp ground. You took a picture for us. Thank you! I find you blog very interesting.