Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9/16/2014 A Sweetheart of a Road Route 54

(On the road WEST)

We pulled out of Cozy Corner RV Park this morning and picked up Route 54 heading west.  What a great road this is!  Very little traffic and a road as smooth as glass.

We did see a lot of open land with very little of it being used for crops.  Oh, we saw the occasional field of corn and milo and hay but for the most part they were just green grass fields.  We thought this odd to say the least.

We came across several roadside signs saying Experience the Flint Hills.


We’d love to but that’s all we saw so we didn’t know where they were, what they were or how to experience them.  With a little research I found the following.

To start with, we were in Greenwood County in Kansas.   This county, almost entirely is located within one of the world’s great beef cattle feeding grounds, the Bluestem pasture region of Kansas.  The area, more popularly known as the Flint Hills covers four and a half million acres.

The Bluestem region comprises the last large segment of true prairie which once stretched from the forests in the east to the Great Plains.

Each summer a million head of cattle are fed on the nutritious grasses of the Flint Hills.  Every summer southwestern cattle are shipped here to graze and fatten up.

Besides cattle grazing we saw a lot of these along the Route 54.

Lots of silos.


Lots of hay rolls.

We stated in a rather new RV park in Guymon, OK.  I was told to look for the drive in movie screen and I would find the park.  Sure enough there it was.

What I first noticed when we pulled in was this garden in front of the office.  I did a double take when I realized what was “planted”.

Need a closer look?

Bowling balls!  Some painted, some not.

The couple who own this place bought the drive in three years ago.  It had been closed for 20 years and the fellow often said to his wife, “Some day I’m going to open that drive in again.”  Well, the land came on the market and he jumped on it.  There was lots of land in the deal that they didn’t need for the drive in so they built the RV park.

I saw a sign in the office and on our brochure that if the RV park people are going to sit outside, or even from inside their RV’s, and watch the movie they should buy two tickets from the office first.  Now I’ll tell right up front.  If I’m watching the movie from my RV,or even sitting in lawn chairs on my lawn, I’ll be darned if I’m going to go pay for two tickets.  I’m just not that honest.  I didn’t have to decide about this anyway since its closed for the season.

We should finish up with Oklahoma tomorrow, make our way through Texas and be in New Mexico tomorrow!  We’re getting closer!


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