Monday, September 22, 2014

9/22/2014 Settled in at Kirtland AFB

(Albuquerque, NM)

Well, we’re here for a week.  We figure that will give us enough time to find a repairman, get parts ordered if need be and delivered and then installed.  I know, I know, a weeks is wishful thinking on my part.  I am we are, so ready to get to Arizona.  There is a 14 day limit here for spaces in this FamCamp.  Surely, we won’t be here that long.

I did get recommendations from the office on RV repair places.  I called Tom’s RV and left a message for a callback.  A short while later our call was returned but I just missed it.  Looking at the number I recognized it as Tom’s RV Repair and dialed back right away.  It’s a good thing I did too!  Tom’s wife, Elaine, was calling and leaving me a message that Tom no longer did mobile repair and that they were making appointments two weeks out.  Well, as she was leaving that message I had Tom on the phone explaining where we were, what was wrong, that we were full-timers and needed help.  He agreed to see us tomorrow morning at ten.  That was a lucky call for us.

We took a ride into the main part of town to see what was here.  We spotted a Sam’s Club so made a stop there to get some Campari tomatoes and  few other things.

On the way back to the base I took notice of these low lying clouds.


As we got closer to the base we saw these cloudbursts.



As quickly as the rains came, they left.

At the base we never got a drop.  It went all around us.  At one point I thought for sure we were going to get nailed.

Then I looked at the area at the back of the 5th wheel and this was the sky.  So we hung out at the back end.


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