Saturday, September 6, 2014

9/6/14 Kentucky BBQ Cook-off

(Stanford, KY)

Jon and his family came over the guys went one way and Brandi and I went another.

Bob and Jon went to have a beer at the VFW and Brandi and I went shopping with the kids in tow.

After shopping our little hearts out we met the guys at the VFW.

Beers done it was time to head to the Kentucky BBQ Cook-off in downtown Danville.


It was a street fair with lots of food, music, blow up bouncy things for the kids to play on, games of chance and local vendors selling their wares.

A whole pig being carved.

Jasmine couldn’t wait to get on the blow up slides.

Being so petite she flew down this slide.

Sometimes she came down so fast this was all I could get.

Even though the rides didn’t last long there weren’t many kids on this one so she could get right back on right away.  She just loved this slide.

Then she moved to the even bigger slide!

Some of the climbing walls were even big enough for her big brother Evan.

He is so good with her, he waits to make sure she gets up this climbing thing.
We played the Corn Hole game and Jonathan and I both one some prizes.

We each one a cup coozie, a bottle opener and a spatula.


We were going to eat at the fair but the prices were truly outrageous!

So we took everyone to dinner at Cheddars.  This restaurant just recently opened near them and they hadn’t been there before.

We had a good meal and talked about our day.

It had been a busy day for all of us so after dinner we decided to go to our own homes and relax.

What a great day this was.  Got to spend it with our kids, walked all day in the sunshine and the weekend isn’t over!


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