Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9/9/2014 We Made it to Indiana

(On the road WEST)

A little after eight this morning we pulled out of the Pioneer Playhouse Campground.  We had to make a stop before we could actually get on the road.  You see, there was no sewer hookup at the campground and when this place was built big rigs weren’t the norm so we couldn’t fit into the area where their dump facilities were.

Brandi found us a place to dump our tanks in the area.  We went to a campground/marina combo and paid to use their dump facilities.  This trip cost us about an hour in time but it was time well spent rather than rolling down the road with full tanks.  No sense in carrying that extra weight if we don’t have to.

We spent the night in a nice pull through site facing a large pond with a fountain in the middle.  We are at the Vandenberg 4H complex not far off the Interstate .  The camp host could not have been more helpful.  He gave me takeout menus and a list of area shops that deliver when I asked if the Pizza Hut across the highway delivered to the campground.  Its these little touches that mean so much when in a new town and you don’t want to un-hitch.  After perusing the menus we did settle on Pizza Hut.

We had cable TV here so we settled in to watch for the evening,

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